How To Bold in Discord [ The Quickest Way ]

Discord is a VoIP application that was built and released back in May of 2015 is intended to create communities ranging from gamers to learning and businesses. So make it more effective in chatting by bolding text in a different format and If you are a new user in Discord and wondering how to bold in Discord? Just scroll.

Suppose you saw everyone’s messages were they using different forms of text like bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and you wondering you should also use this feature for a better chatting experience.

So by default Discord doesn’t have an option of converting the text in different styles because Discord doesn’t support integral formatting options so you perform these operations by using Markdown.

Markdown is a very lightweight markup way highlighting feature plain-text formatting syntax. It was created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz in 2004. Usually, it is used to format simple text files, such as readme for writing online discussion forums messages, also to create vibrant and colorful text by utilizing a plain text editor. Larger online discussion platform that uses Markdown include Reddit, Discord, and name several others.

How To Bold in Discord

How to bold in discord there is not rocket science just follow the below instruction to Bold text. And not only bold you can make the text in different fonts like italicized or underline text with bold and many others to make your chat more creative.

Because in Discord chatting via the text becomes its main highlighting point in this app which connected gamers or non-gamers with an amazing conversation.

  • First of all, write anything in the Discord text box.
  • Now add two asterisks keys (**) to both ends of your text; which you want to bold with the help of a keyboard.
  • For Example, your text is How to bold in Discord just type it and cover it with asterisks key *How to bold in Discord* on both sides.
  • That’s it, Now what you type your text will be shown in bold form without asterisks mark.

So basically, discovering how to bold in Discord indicates that we’re going to learn how this markup language operates so you can use markup in different platforms like above we talk about Reddit which also supports it.

Technology on the internet is more developed in the past 20 years but if you have old phones am sure you use this type of trick to making your text more creative to attract the viewer’s attention to your point.

Other Discord text Formatting Options

So markup code is not limited to only an option of bolding text but you can also perform the various operation and by using different key combinations you will get strange results.

How to Italic Bold in Discord?

Similarly, you can also apply both italic and bold formatting to your text by just adding some asterisks before and after the words, it’s all about symbols use different pairs of keys and get awesome text results. Here is how to do that;

  • First Write your text in the Discord text box.
  • Now here we use different keys press three asterisks keys (***) to both ends of your text you want to italicize and bold.
  • For Example, your Text is How do I make my font bold in discord then you should write it like ***How do I make my font bold in discord***
  • That’s it now Your text will be shown in both formats bold and italicized.

How to Underline Bold in Discord?

Discord also supports to apply multiple formatting to your text. For example, you can make your text both bold and Underline sentences at the same time. Here is how it works

  • Write your text topic in the Discord text box.
  • Now same as above here you need to add both two underline keys (_ _) and two asterisks keys (**) to both ends of the text you want to bold and underline.
  • Like your topic is how to bold in discord status Then you need to write it like __** How to bold in discord status**__
  • Now, your text will be shown with both format underlined and bold in Discord.

How to Italicize in Discord?

If you want to jus Italicize your text without doing it Bold and wondering how to italicize your text in Discord, you can do that, adding a simple symbol with the help of the keyboard. Here is how to use keys

  • At first, Just Write your text in the Discord text box.
  • Now just add single underscore key (_) with the help of a keyboard To both ends of your text that you want to italicize.
  • For Example, your word is How do you make words bold in discord? then you need to write it like _How do you make words bold in discord?_
  • All set, Now your text will be shown in the italicized format.

Discord is a proprietary freeware flash messaging and VoIP application and digital distribution platform many gamers are confused about how to do it. because there are no apparent formatting tools in Discord, and yet other users are bolding words. How are they doing that? but don’t worry it can possible in the Discord app. And the thing which is required for this is your keyboard that’s it.

Because it’s used by productive peoples initially used by gamers, a lot of people use Discord to interact in forums with different categories to performing other operations to enhance your chatting experience.


So hope you got all the solutions Like how to bold text in Discorder and how to bold it when it’s in italic or Underline form.

Although the simplest technique to create text bold on Discord is by using markdown syntax, But that’s not the only choice.

Alongside not by the only markdown, you can additionally build some various styles of Unicode bold text, which will allow you to style bold text on Discord a slight difference.

Question: Syntax highlighting in discord

You cannot highlight Syntax or Text in Discord by applying a background to it. But, you can italicize, bold, underline, and strikethrough your text. And Discord isn’t the only app to use Markdown For example Reddit also uses it to format comments.