How To Add Roles In Discord [ The Simple & Easy Way ]

In Discord, You can assign different roles according to which fits on your group’s needs A “Role” basically dictates what a member is allowed or not to be allowed to do within your server. Discord empowers users to organize and host their servers and members can freely invite and join different servers. And discord is capable to handle hundreds or even thousands of users on a single server. So for your doubt about How to Add Roles in Discord, I divide this post into different segments from where you can understand each point of it.

As you make your Discord server and encouraging users to follow your community, next you will probably require to set User Roles that define how the various users communicate with the server and which service they can access on your behalf.

A particular user can have appointed as many roles and multiple roles can have different permissions. On a Discord server, a member’s strengths are concluded by the biggest role the member has. Appending roles is important for those who want to adequately maintain their servers. Basically when you’re responsible for a broad community with hundreds of members across several channels in your server so it’s your responsibility to manage it and Everything goes well without interruption.

About Discord Server Permissions

I can explain it by an example, let’s assume you permitted partners as an Admin role. This role is granted total control over the server and every particular permission for this role is allowed. You have another role termed Message Moderator. This role is allotted to delete emoji, add or remove messages, and also ban or remove members.

So before understanding how to add a role you need to understand which type of permission discord can be assigned to a single user To appropriately assign roles. The permissions that can be enabled for a user in a Discord server are as follows.

General permissions

In general permission like admin grants, all the permissions that exist on the server and read the server’s audit logs type rights also allow the user to create new roles and many more other authority see below.

Administrator Create Invite
View Audit Log Change Nickname
Manage Server Manage Nicknames
As Manage Roles A Manage Emojis
Manage Channels Manage Webhooks
Kick Members Ban Members
Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels

Text permissions

Often it uses in the discord chat boxes. In this type of permission, it allows the user to send messages on the text chat and to send text-to-speech messages also delete or pin messages from other users. For more text permissions look at the below section.

Send Messages Read Message History
Send TTS Messages Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles
Manage Messages Use External Emojis
Embed Links Add Reactions
Attach Files

Voice permissions

This type of permission mostly helps you with the discord voice chat function. In voice, you get permission like allows the user to connect or hear to the voice channel and allow speak on the voice channel rather than this you also can turn off another user’s ability to speak.

Connect Move
Mute Use the Voice Activity
Deafen Priority Speaker

There are a total of 29 permissions on Discord which we mentioned above just that are divided into General, Text, and Voice permissions.

How to Add Roles in Discord

One of the primary duties you should do just next after creating a Discord server is set roles and permissions. Role management is a great way of keeping your Discord server well organized. Each of these permissions is a binary choice, so there are 536 million possible combinations of permissions. In this article, We will be highlighting How to Add Roles in Discord and manage Discord User Roles

  • Open the Discord app, and in the column, on the left, there is a server option just right-click on your server.
  • Now under the Server Settings option in the left-hand window click “Roles”.
  • Below the Roles column, Click the very small ( “+” ) plus button to create a new role.
  • Appoint the role of a name. You can nominate it anything as your desire but it should make some logic, to you, and to the purpose that the role will execute.
  • Assign the role of color. This color will be utilized as the main attraction when a user of this role transfers a message over the server. colors lookout is easily notable because they find quickly and define users of each others’ roles.
  • Review all 28 permissions, toggling them, and through the various permits allow the role permissions that suit its function.
  • As you confirm Click on Save Changes.

Repeat the same steps for specific new roles you want to build. You can assign lower roles to newbies and higher roles with more permissions to those you know personally or according to a trustworthy person.

It’s a great thought to have the essential roles organized before you even begin inviting members to the server. And anytime you can go behind and change existing roles once you decide to assign a new role.

How to Add Roles in Discord through Mobile

To create a new role in the discord mobile app and to assign it The instructions are similar to desktop versions and simple to assign. But the mobile app has a different layout so I think it’s better to inform.

  • Open discord on android or iOS and the left-hand side click on the server you’d like to work.
  • You’ll recognize your server name at the head of the pop-up pane.
  • You will see 4 options here, the second to last option is for Settings press it.
  • Scroll down to ‘Roles’ You can tap on existing roles or tap on the plus symbol to perform a new role.
  • That’s it does the same for new roles that you want to assign.

Assign a role to a member

By the above way, you can create the role of a member. Now the next process is how to assign it to a member or user on your server. This is an easy process Discord members access to specific parts of the server.

  • Open upthe Discord app through regular desktop mode.
  • Right-click the serverand select Server Settings>Members.
  • Hit theplus button icon next to a member’s name and pick a role from the listed roles.
  • Therole will be assigned and all permissions will be granted to the user immediately.

Delete a Discord role

So in the future, if you have a problem with a member and you change your idea to degrade the designation of the role It is rare to happen but you have the authority to delete or change the role at any time by some simple steps

  • Open up the Discord app on PC or mobile.
  • Right-click your serverand select Server Settings>Roles.
  • Choose a role from the table of roles list, andscroll to the last bottom of the permissions list.
  • Click Delete Role Name.


By View as Role feature, the server owners and admins will be able to double-check permissions kind of:

  • What text channels or classes a role can observe
  • Type of voice channels a role can relate to
  • What channels have Seen Message History permission allowed for a particular role
  • What kinds of server settings a role can control or change for example Manage Server, Manage Nickname, etc.


The highest level role in discord is If the same person is assigned the Admin role and the Message Moderator role also. I hope you got the answer to How to Add Roles in Discord There are a lot of combined roles and options to assign which you never thought the probability of it has I mentioned above which is around 536 million roles.

Server roles are one of the numerously extraordinary features that Discord has. you will create a role with a name, color, and set permissions that will be applied server-wide. It allows users to create a comprehensive server management team right out of the box.