✅How To Schedule a Webex Meeting In Outlook [ Step by Step Tutorial ]

WebEx provides a convenient way to schedule WebEx meetings in outlook without accessing your WebEx website. You can directly implement this operation from Microsoft Outlook, which is primarily an email client and provides some other functionalities like calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, and web browsing.

To schedule a WebEx meeting in outlook, you need to integrate WebEx with MS Outlook. You can check out our previous article where we also cover how to set up WebEx Meeting in MS Outlook.

How to Schedule a Webex Meeting in Outlook

  • Open your MS Outlook, open a new meeting by clicking on Schedule Meeting from the WebEx toolbar or by clicking on New, then select the Meeting Request or clicking on New, and then
  • A new Meeting Scheduling window will open with Add Webex Meeting ball in the toolbar menu. Enter all the meeting details, such as the meeting subject, location, start time, end time, invite attendees.
  • Click on Add Webex Meeting. A new dialog box will appear containing Webex settings. ( If it does not appear Webex settings dialog box, sign in to Webex assistant and click on Add Webex Meeting )

Optional things you can do while scheduling a meeting or directly jump to next step

  1. To change the meeting type, you can change it by selecting it in the Meeting Information section.
  2. You can also set up a meeting type. It determines various conferencing features and options enabled for it. For example, you can specify whether recording may or not be available for the specified meeting type.
  3. You can also include a password in your meeting, so only authenticated person will attend your meeting. Either You can enter this in the Meeting Information section.
  4. You can select any attendee to grant permission to start your meeting on your behalf. You can select the Alternate Host tab and select the user to whom you want to grant permissions.
  • Select Ok to apply and close the Webex setting dialog box.
  • Now click on the Send button to save the meeting and send an email invitation to your invitees. Once your meeting is saved, it will remind you of the scheduled meeting day.
  • You can see your scheduled meetings in your Outlook Calendar and the list of meetings will be displayed on your Webex Meetings page.

Recurrence Meeting

If you want to make your meeting as recurring meeting or simply you can say you want to schedule the meeting every day, every week, or every month, click on the Recurrence button in the menu bar, under the Appointment Recurrence, mention your recurrences whether you want to schedule the meeting every day, week, or in a month.

How to Edit Scheduled Meetings in Outlook

Once you finished scheduling a meeting using Webex integration to Outlook, you can make changes within Outlook at any time. For example, if you want to change the starting time of the meeting, you want to add a password or update the password or want to choose another host.

Once you were done with editing the scheduled meeting in MS Outlook, an updated meeting invitation email will send to invitees and also updates the meetings on your WebEx site.

Edit or change a Scheduled Meeting in MS Outlook?

  • Open your MS outlook, on the outlook calendar, an open item for the scheduled meeting.
  • You can change the meeting information either on the toolbar or on the Appointment tab.
  1. For example, to change the Webex meeting setting, click on Change Setting.
  2. If you want to remove settings that are previously set, click on Cancel Webex Meeting.
  3. Then If you want to change a recurrence pattern, click on Recurrence and change it.
  4. If you want to update the text in the meeting invitation email message, you can do it from the Appointment tab.
  • Select one of the following to update your meeting information:
  1. To save the updated meeting in your Outlook calendar, and send updated meeting information to your invitees, click on Send Update.
  2. To save the updated meeting in your calendar, click on Save and Close.
  3. You will see your meeting will update on both the outlook calendar and the Webex website.

Limitations for editing a scheduled Webex meeting

  • If you scheduled your meeting from MS Outlook and editing with your Webex site, then changes will show only on your Webex site. It won’t show in Microsoft Outlook. Make sure the interface should be the same for scheduling and editing the meeting.
  • If you want to reschedule or cancel a single occurrence of a recurring Webex meeting, the changes will show on your MS Outlook only, not on the Webex website. For example, you scheduled a recurrence for daily, and starting time of the meeting is 11:00 AM, now you want to change starting time of a single recurrence, then it will only show on your MS outlook, not on the Webex site. Your attendees can still join the meeting at the previous time.
  • Therefore we will recommend you to modify a recurring meeting using Outlook, modify the entire series instead of a single recurrence.

How to Cancel a Meeting in MS Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook, open the meeting item.
  2. Select the Delete option on the meeting page.
  3. You can choose whether you want to notify invitees or not and then click OK.
  4. Now finally, click Ok in the confirmation box. Your meeting will be removed from both the Outlook calendar and the Webex Site.

Assigning a Delegate

Well before going to tell you how to assign a delegate in MS Outlook, I want to tell you about what is the concept of Delegate in Webex integration and how it works in Outlook? So this is a concept of assigning a person or a delegate to schedule, edit, cancel, and start a meeting on behalf of another user.

For example, you are hosting a Webex meeting on regular basis, so you can give permissions to your assistant to schedule, edit, cancel, and start the meeting.

Things that you Keep in Mind Before Begin

  • The first thing you make sure of is you granted the scheduling permission to your delegate from your Webex My Account
  • Ensure that the calendar you want to share with your delegate does not reside in your personal folder in MS Outlook. The calendar should be in the public folder, then only your delegate can access your calendar.
  • The name you want to assign as your delegate must be in the Global Address List in your MS account.

How to assign a delegate in MS Outlook?

  1. Open your MS Outlook, select File in the menu.
  2. Now click on Account Settings.
  3. Go to Delegate Access.
  4. Here Delegates window will appear. Now select Add.
  5. Now Add Users window will appear. Select the Delegate name which you want to assign, then click on Add
  6. Click on Ok.
  7. Now delegate permission dialog box will open. For Calendar, click on Editor and then click on Ok.
  8. Finally, click on Ok to close the Options dialog box.

Scheduling a Meeting or an Appointment for Another Host

If you are a delegate for a host, then you should know how to schedule a meeting or an appointment.

Things that you keep in mind before begin

  • The host must share his/her calendar with you.
  • You are going to schedule a Webex audio meeting on behalf of your host.

How to Schedule a Meeting or an Appointment for another Host?

  • You need to open other host’s calendar in Microsoft Outlook, you can do this by:-
  1. Select File in the Menu.
  2. Click on Open, and select Other User’s Folder.
  3. Now Other User’s Folder dialog box will open. Type the actual name of the host or click on Name to select his/her name from the list.
  4. It will ask for Folder Type, select Calendar, and then click on The shared calendar will open.
  • Now click on the actual Host’s calendar, if you are viewing the calendar side by side.
  • Now open a New Meeting Request in Outlook, add the information and settings for the meeting. That’s it.

How to Starting a Meeting for Another Host

Once you scheduled a meeting for another host, you can start a meeting for another host, and the host will receive a confirmation email on their MS Outlook account.

Start Meeting for Another Host

  1. Make sure your host shared his/her calendar with you.
  2. Open the host’s calendar by clicking on the File Click on Open and then select Other User’s Folder.
  3. Now type the name of the host or click on the Name button to select the hostname.
  4. For folder type, select Calendar, and then click on the Ok
  5. Double click on the meeting item in the host’s calendar. After doing this, a confirmation message will appear.


So this was all about, how you can perform various option such as schedule a meeting in outlook, or edit a scheduled meeting, schedule a meeting for another host, and start a meeting for another host. I cover all the important parts which are being used when you start scheduling messages in outlook.

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