✅How To Set Up a Webex Meeting In Outlook [ Step by Step Tutorial ]

We can see companies are arranging meetings with their clients through video conferencing, employees are working from home, teachers are scheduling their classes for students on an online basis. Today, in the Covid-19 pandemic, peoples are avoiding public meetings.

Everything is going through a virtual meet. So we need the best tool to do a video conference for a better video experience. And the Microsoft outlook provides a better feature to set up a meeting by the integration of WebEx.

Today we will talk about the WebEx and Cisco WebEx Meetings. This tool is helpful for video conferencing. You can also integrate this tool with Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, and PowerPoint ), Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, Internet Explorer, and IBM Lotus Notes. So there is no need to install multiple apps on your system.

Requirements Before Setting up WebEx Meeting in Outlook

To set up a WebEx Meeting in MS Outlook, First, you need to install WebEx Productivity Tools. This tool you can download from the official website of WebEx.

The Webex integration provides basic options for scheduling a meeting in Outlook. You may see some options that appear on your Webex website which helps in a meeting may not be available in the Webex integration to Outlook. So both have different advantages so let us start with WebEx Productivity Tool.

How to download the WebEx Productivity Tool?

First of all, go to the WebEx official site. Login to your account if you already signup or create a new account if you didn’t signup.

  1. After signing in to your account, under the dashboard, in the left pane, you will see a Download
  2. Click on the Download
  3. Under the Download page, scroll down to the Webex Productivity Tool and click on the Download
  4. After finishing Downloading, install Webex Productivity Tool ( Before installing the Productivity tool, please close the Outlook app ).
  5. After installing the productivity tool, enter your Webex site URL, username, and password.

How to Setup WebEx Meeting in Outlook

First Enable outlook in Cisco Webex one-client.

  1. Open Webex setting Dialog. ( If you are following the above steps, your Webex will start running perfectly, continue from the 2nd step. If you directly jump to this topic then no need to set up the above section, just follow the below steps ).
  • Click on the Start icon, go to All Programs ( If you are using Windows 7, in Windows 8 or 10, directly search Productivity tools ).
  • Scroll down to WebEx, under that click on Productivity Tools.
  • After this, click on the Edit WebEx Settings. You will find this at the bottom or press F11.
  1. Click on the Tools
  2. Under the Email and Scheduling, check on Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Click on the Ok button to make changes.
  4. Now start your Outlook app and verify that the WebEx options are available on the toolbar or in the ribbon.
  5. After this setting, you can able to start your WebEx Meeting within the MS Outlook

WebEx toolbar or ribbon button not showing

After setting up the above settings, if you still don’t see the WebEx Meeting icon in the toolbar or ribbon, then this is happening due to the different versions of outlook which you are using just follow the below steps.

In Outlook 2007

  1. Run Outlook 2007 application, and go to
  2. After this, go to Trust Center.
  3. Now select, Add-ins.
  4. At the bottom, click on the Manage dropdown list and select COM Add-ins.
  5. Press Go to make changes.
  6. Now restart your Outlook account for changes to take effect

In Outlook version of 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 and in Microsoft 365

  1. Open Outlook application from the desktop mode, and click on File
  2. Now select
  3. A new dialog box will open, in the left side pane, select Add-ins.
  4. Under the Add-ins tab, go to the Manage dropdown list, and select COM Add-ins, and click on the Go
  5. You will see all the Add-ins options. Check on WebEx Meeting Add-in.
  6. Click on Ok to apply changes.
  7. Now restart your Outlook for changes to take effect.

If Add-ins got disabled due to crash

If the case Add-ins option got disabled, it may happen because of the crash, then you can see this will be listed under Disabled Items. You can find this option in the Add-ins section of Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Or you can go into the Help section, under that click on About Microsoft Office Outlook, inside that you will see Disable Items, select it and click on Enable. If it is not listed there, you can click on the Add button in the COM Add-ins dialog and mention the following locations –

  • 32-bit Windows

C:\Program Files\WebEx\Productivity Tools\ptolkadd.dll

  • 64-bit Windows with 32-bit Outlook

C:\Program Files (x86)\WebEx\Productivity Tools\ptolkadd.dll

  • 64-bit Outlook

C:\Program Files\WebEx\Productivity Tools\ptolkadd64.dll

That’s it you are done, Now restart your outlook app, and see the WebEx meeting icon is showing in your Outlook toolbar. This was all about how to set up WebEx meetings in outlook.


Webex Productivity Tools allow you to start or schedule any meeting, and join Webex meetings directly in Microsoft Outlook and operate with all existing active Webex host accounts.

The one drawback of Webex integration to Outlook is it does not supports all the recurrence options on a website platform that is available in Microsoft Outlook.

If you started scheduling meetings within Outlook but Webex details are not being created for the meetings, then first ensure that you have Webex Productivity Tools installed successfully.

If you are not sure if the application is currently installed or not, you can reinstall the program by following the above steps. You will need to Quit and reopen Outlook after the process of installation.

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How do I install the WebEx plugin in outlook?

WebEx provides a variety of features so installing their plugin is helpful if you were doing a lot of meeting online. And by the below steps, you can easily install the WebEx plugin in outlook.

  1. First, if you accessing Outlook just close it.
  2. Now Enter your verified User name and a unique Password noted on your wallet card.
  3. After that from the left navigation bar, just click on the Assistance option.
  4. Click the Support section and scroll below at the bottom of the page.
  5. In the Downloads section find WebEx Integration to Outlook and click on the download link.
  6. Click Run and then click Finish to complete the setup.

How do I schedule a Webex meeting in outlook from the desktop app?

By this process, you can be Scheduling a meeting in the desktop app or in Outlook Calendar. First Open the desktop app of outlook: – Now click the ‘Schedule‘ option. – Here you get a drop-down menu, select ‘Schedule Webex Meeting‘. A new window appears with an Outlook appointment message, then again a window opens where you can set your meeting details or any assistance, By protecting a meeting password.

How to Schedule a Webex Meeting in Microsoft Outlook

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