✅How To Refresh Outlook [ Step by Step Process ]

When we use other email services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or any other email client, they got automatically refreshments as new email arrives.

If you ever noticed, the outlook takes a little more time to get refreshed. Sometimes we get frustrated if we don’t receive an email as expected. If we are using our email to receive an OTP, if it will take a while to receive, then it may get expired. Then what will be the use of this?

So, today we will see how to refresh our outlook after a certain time period. So we will not miss a single message. To refresh outlook manually, we can use the refresh button in outlook web. But this option not comes when we talk about our outlook email client. So let’s dig into this, how we can do it.

Refresh Outlook Emails in Windows

Windows is the most often used operating system, and also outlook is Microsoft’s product, and it comes with it. The common settings we have to do get auto-updated out inbox at a certain time. Here how we can do this:-

  1. First of all, open your Outlook email client. Now click on Send/Receivetab on the outlook menu bar.
  2. Now click on Send/Receive Groups. In the drop-down list, select Define Send/Receive Groups.
  3. Now the new window will open Send/Receive Groups. Now select All Accounts, and under this, check on Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive every.
  4. Then change the minute value according to your convenience. But note one thing, the value lesser than 5 might lead to duplicate emails. It’s recommended to make value to 10 Minutes.
  5. After applying this setting, close the window by clicking on the Close Now it will automatically refresh your outlook inbox every 10 minutes, or the value that you set.

Refresh Outlook Emails in Mac

If you are using Mac OS to receive your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or exchange account, you can follow the steps to shorten your synchronization interval in Mac. So your outlook email gets updated more efficiently. Here you can follow the procedure:-

  1. First of all, open Outlook on your Mac.
  2. On the left side of the pane, you will note your Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook.com account.
  3. Now right click on that, and a popup menu will open. Then select Account Settings.
  4. Now the Accounts dialog will appear. At the bottom right of the window, click on the Advanced
  5. Now click on the Servertab, and set advanced settings as follows. Check on Sync all IMAP folders every 10 minutes. You can set the value according to your convenience but, for the IMAP accounts(Gmail and Outlook.com), the minimum time value is 2 minutes.
  6. For slower connections like cellular hotspots, you might check on the Download headers only
  7. Now click on the Ok button to apply settings and close the Accounts dialog box.

Increase the Refresh Rate For All Your Inboxes

If you are not satisfied with the above setting, you can either increase the refresh rate. To increase the refresh rate in windows, go to Send/Receive tab. Click on Send/Receive Groups and now change the value to 1 or 2. It will refresh your outlook after every 1 or 2 minutes.

How To Refresh Outlook Manually

If you think your outlook should get synced only when you are using it, you can refresh your outlook manually to update your emails. For this, you have to follow simple steps only.

  1. To update all folders, open your outlook email client on Windows and click on Send/Receive tab on the Menu bar.
  2. Now click on Send/Receive All Folders, or you can use short-key F9 to refresh.
  3. To Update a Specific folder in outlook, you need to hit on Send/Receive tab. After this, click on the Update FolderIt will update only that folder.
  • For Mac OS: In the same manner, you can refresh all folders or only specific folder in mac os.
  1. To Update All Folders, open your outlook email client on Mac. Now click on the Hometab in the Menu bar.
  2. After this, click on Send/Receive It will update all folders emails.
  3. To Update a Specific Folderin outlook, click on the Organize tab on the bar and click on the Sync Folder  It will update only specific folders.

Refresh Email In Outlook.com

If you are using outlook on a web browser, you might experience you need to refresh your browser by clicking on the refresh button. You have to do it manually because there is no setting to refresh your outlook on outlook.com. You can either click on the refresh button or by pressing the F5 key.

How To Refresh Outlook On Android Phones

The outlook’s interface on Android is much easier to handle. You can refresh your outlook on android by pulling down the page. It will start syncing if it does not get automatically updated.

But I see many users complained about they are not receiving their email on Outlook for Android. If you are facing the same issue, go to your System Setting and select Apps. After this, search Outlook and select it. Now tap on Force stop the app. Check whether it solved your issue or not. If you still facing the same issue, you can follow the below process:-

  1. Open your outlook app on android, and go to Settings.
  2. Now tap on the account name in which you are not receiving the emails and tap on Reset Account.
  3. If all the above settings fail, confirm your account is IMAP or Exchange account. And If it is, then delete your account and re-add your account.
  4. If your issue persists, then go to your in-app Menu and tap on the ? for help. Now tap on Contact Support dedicated to handling outlook for android related issues.
  5. Once you send your feedback, the support team will get back to you, and you will receive a notification, so you can easily communicate with them.

Auto-Update Calendar On Outlook

As the settings that you applied to refresh emails in outlook, in the same manner, you can auto-update your calendar also. To ensure your calendar always up-to-date, you can follow the below settings:-

  1. Open your outlook app on Windows, and click on Send/Receive Groups tab on the menu bar and click on the Edit
  2. On the left-hand side, please ensure your email account is marked.
  3. Now under the folders section, mark your Calendar folder, and click on apply.

Auto-Update Your Outlook Contacts

  1. Open your Outlook app on Windows, and click on Send/Receive Groups tab and click on the Edit
  2. Now on the left-hand side, mark your email account.
  3. Under the folders section, mark your Contacts folder and click on apply.

So this was all about how to refresh your outlook emails on the web, windows, mac, or Android devices. And I cover also the topics of how to update calendars and contacts. An update is important in any service so always being up to date with time and if any new update comes about outlook instant refreshment or update I will inform you throughout the post.

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