✅How To Filter Emails In Outlook [ Best Ever Ways ]

Microsoft Outlook is primarily an email client. It also supports some functionality like calendaring, task managing, contacts managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing.

As this product supports various functionalities, so you need to be familiar with the outlook interface. If it’s new to you, you will definitely get some initial problems when handling this.

Today, we will discuss how to filter emails in outlook.

With this guide, you can easily filter your emails to specific folders, such as organizing your inbox, deal with unwanted emails, managing your email subscription, and much more.

Outlook provides a rule to filter your emails. With this rule, you can easily create folders to organize your emails. You will learn which messages should be in your inbox and which should be in other folders like spam messages, former employees or colleague’s emails, subscription emails, and more.

Managing Unwanted Emails

If you open your inbox after a long time, you will see so many unwanted emails in your inbox are stored with some of your important emails. It’s getting annoying too much to find out your important emails in this muffle. But you can arrange them easily by one of the best outlook feature Here is the way how you can manage your inbox:

  • Email Subscription: If you subscribed to any email, you will get emails daily as a new update come. Sometimes it happens that you don’t want emails from them. You can unsubscribe them or just move to other folders. So you can easily manage your important emails in your inbox.
  • Former Employees or colleagues: If you are working in a company, your former colleagues will have your email id, so they can reach you by your email. As they are your former colleagues so will no longer want some emails from them. So try to separate them from the inbox.
  • Personal Emails: Your friends and family can reach you by email if you receive plenty of emails daily, it may have a chance to miss their email, you can organize these emails by moving to another folder.
  • Sale emails: If you have attended any sales program and fill out any form related to that sale, then you will get emails from them, so you can also mark it as spam, so they will not get in the primary inbox.

These are a few tweaks, what messages should be in your inbox.

So it will help you to manage your inbox and more you will get when we start adding rules to filter emails.

Block and Unblock Messages from a sender

You can easily block and unblock messages from a specific sender and sent them to the Junk Email folder that is not important for you.


Block messages: To block all messages from a sender, here you can follow our guide.

  1. Open inbox in your outlook, search the name from which you don’t want to receive emails to the inbox.
  2. Now right click on that name, a new pop up menu will open.
  3. Select the Junk option, again a new pop-up menu will open.
  4. Now select the Block sender option, click on
  5. Future messages from that sender will be sent to your Junk Email

Note: In Outlook, there is a limit of blocking recipients. You can block 500 recipients only.


Unblock Messages: If you blocked any recipient mistakenly, you can follow this guide to unblock a recipient.

  1. Right-click on any message, a new pop up menu will open, select
  2. Again a new pop-up menu will open, select Junk Email Options.
  3. Junk Email Options dialog will open. Click on the Blocked Sender
  4. You will see all the blocked recipients list there. Now click on the name of the blocked recipient. Click on the remove
  5. That’s it click Ok to save changes.

With the help of this, you can remove, blocked sender from the blocked sender’s list. Now you can receive messages from the sender in your inbox, but the older messages will still be in your Junk Email folder. You have to manually move them.

How to add rules to filter emails

In this topic, we will try to add rules to our outlook emails, that emails will go to a specific folder.

  1. Open Outlook and go to the Inbox section. Then click on the Rules
  2. Now select Manage Rules & alerts. after that Click on New Rule.
  3. Here a new dialog will open, now select, Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder. Click on
  4. Again a new dialog box will open, uncheck with specific words in the subject and check with specific words in the subject or body.
  5. Under Edit the rule description, click on the underlined word specific words.
  6. Now add a word, which you want to filter in email, and click on the Add
  7. Now click on Ok. You will see that word will add to your search list. And hit the Next button.
  8. Now under the Edit the rule description, click on the underlined word Specified, which will allow you to choose a folder name or create a new one.
  9. A new dialog box will open. Here select a folder, or just create a new one by clicking on the New
  10. Click Ok, and then click on Now select an Exception if you want, or leave it and move to the Next.
  11. Under Rules Wizard, specify a name to rule and make sure to check on Turn on this rule and click on
  12. Now click on Ok to apply all the changes.

This was all about how to filter your emails on outlook. How to manage your emails by moving them to a specific folder. Blocking and unblocking a sender.


In the mail service filter plays an important role to categorize our important and unwanted data. Many companies start sending their promotional messages and we got thousands of this type of messages in a month. So by applying filters in searches like filtering them by name, date, specific words or many others will help you throughout. So just follow the steps and filter your emails quickly.

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Filter items by category

  1. At the navigation pane, click Mail option from the bottom of the
  2. Here In the folder list, You have to select the folder containing the messages for filtering.
  3. Come to the Home tab, select the arrow option located near Filter Email, click a filter, or choose a filter under the submenu.

How do I sort my emails in Outlook?

Shortening the outlook email messages is helpful to find out them easily. For example, If you sort email by the sender or the recipient name, by the exact date of the email, Message size, and many other options. So just open Filter at the top of your inbox and choose an option to sort your email.

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