✅How To Import Contact From Outlook To Gmail | Ultimate Guide

Outlook’s Import and export is the best feature to forward your contacts to a different account. It may be your email, phone, contact, number, etc. No need to write manually about all the contacts or anything from your email account.

Just import it and start accessing your old contacts. You can also use it as a backup file. So for exporting first we need to Export all our email contacts in a file and later import them to any email services or device, as you want to import.

If you don’t want to lose any single person from your contacts list then just walk through the entire article, here we discuss from starting like how to export and till ending process of How to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail.

You can also understand importing is like moving contacts from one account to another account. Outlook also provides this useful feature to import/export all your contacts to a different free webmail account, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and more.

You need to export your contacts to a comma-separated values (.csv) file and later import it to any of your email accounts. All of your outlook contacts will appear in your Webmail. Gmail also uses provide an import/export feature to their users.

Export Outlook contacts in a file

To import your Outlook contacts in your Gmail account first, you need to export your contacts to a .csv file. Then import this file into your Gmail account and wherever you want. Exporting contacts in outlook is easy and can be useful. Here how you can export your contacts to a .csv file.

  1. Open your Outlook client, and click on the File tab on the menu bar. Now select Options in the menu.
  2. A new outlook options window will appear. Now click on the Advanced option in the left side pane.
  3. Click on the Export button under the Export
  4. Import and Export wizard will appear in the new window. Now select the export to a file option in the wizard and hit on Next
  5. Under the Create a file of type, select the Comma Separated Values and click on the Next
  6. Under Select folder to export from, click on the Contacts. If folders collapsed, click on the arrow next to the Outlook Data File and hit on the Next
  7. Now type the file name and click on Browse to browse where you want to save it. After setting the path, click on the Next
  8. Check on the Export “Contacts” from folder: Contacts.
  9. To map custom fields, click on the Map Custom Fields. It uses to delete a column if you don’t need it in your file. You don’t need a value in your .csv file, then select the name and click on the Clear Map To finish Map, click on the Ok button.

Now click on the Finish button to finish exporting. It may take few minutes to be done, depending on your data. Once finished with the contact export, click on the Ok button in Outlook options. Now check the file, whether exported all the contacts came or not.

Additional help on Mapping Custom Fields

This section we are discussing is addition if, you don’t know, what mapping do. To add or remove fields from the imported/exported file, we use custom mapping fields. For example, if you are exporting outlook contact and want to add Business Street and Business city to your contacts. Drag and drop the from Microsoft Office Outlook to Comma Separated Values box. Here how you can do it:-

  1. When you try to export contacts in outlook, you will get the Map custom fields option after naming the file. ( If you don’t know where this option will appear, follow the 10th point of the above section ).
  2. In the Maps Custom Fields, two boxes will appear. You will find all the values in the left side box. Drag any of the fields and drop it right-hand side box.

Import contacts from Outlook to Gmail

In this section, we will see how to import contacts to Gmail account. We exported our outlook contacts in a .csv file and, this file we will use in our Gmail account to import contacts. To import contacts in Gmail, we need to go in Gmail contacts and then import. Here how we can do it:-

  1. Log on to your Gmail account.
  2. On the right-side panel, click on the Contacts.
  3. You will see all the available contacts there.
  4. Now click on the Open in New Tab icon next to the search
  5. A new google contacts tab will open. Click on the Import on the left-side pane.
  6. In the new Import Contacts dialog box, click on the Select File(File should be a vCard or a CSV file only. We are importing outlook contacts, we will use CSV file.). Browse your file and click on the Import.
  7. It will take few minutes to import all your contacts. Once all done, check your contacts, whether imported or not.

Export Contacts from Gmail

You can export your Gmail contacts to use in another program. For example, export your contacts for the outlook program. Gmail provides a built-in CSV format. A Google CSV and another one is Outlook CSV. As we are working on the outlook program, then choose Outlook CSV. So there is no need to convert the data according to the program. As the data already in Outlook CSV format. Here how to do:-

  1. Log in to your Gmail account. In the right panel, click on the Contacts
  2. You will appear all your contacts. Now click on the Open a New tab window
  3. In the left side pane, select the Export
  4. Select your contacts and select, Export as Outlook CSV
  5. Now it will create a CSV file. Use that file in outlook

Import Contacts in Outlook

As we imported contacts in Gmail, we can also import them in outlook. Importing process is the same as we did in the Export section. The Outlook CSV file which we created from Gmail will import into our outlook profile. Here how to do it:-

  1. Open your Outlook client and click on the File tab on the menu bar
  2. Now select Open & Export. And Select Import/Export
  3. In the Import and Export wizard, choose an action to perform in outlook
  4. As we are importing a CSV file, so select the Import from another program or file. Click on the Next
  5. In the next window, under select file type to import from, select Comma Separated Values. Again click on the Next
  6. Select the path of the file by clicking on the Browse. You will get 3 Options in here:-
  7. Replace duplicates with items imported.
  8. Allow created duplicates.
  9. Do not import duplicates.
  10. Select a suitable option you want and hit on the Next
  11. In the next window, select the destination of the folder. As we are importing contacts in outlook, then select the Contacts
  12. If you find collapsed groups, then click on the arrow next to the group name. You will find the contacts folder in the Outlook Data File.
  13. Now hit on the Next It will take a few minutes to import. Once done, check all your contacts.


That’s it, all about! I hope you get a whole idea about how to import contacts from Outlook in Gmail. Here We learned we cannot import contacts in Gmail directly. First, we need to export outlook contacts in a CSV file and later import that CSV file in Gmail. Additionally,

we discussed how to import Gmail contacts in outlook. Importing contacts is the same as we did in Gmail. Export Gmail contacts to an Outlook CSV file and then import that CSV file in Outlook client.