How to Fix “iMessage Not Working” on iPhone?

Is iMessage Not working on Mac or on your iPhone? Reports show that many iPhone users are unable to send and receive messages through iMessage. We are here to help you get through any sort of problem that you are facing. This article includes different methods to Fix iMessage errors on iOS and MacOS.

There is a solution for iPhone users if you are facing problems with iMessage that stopped working then, firstly, check your internet connection. You can use a stable Wi-Fi connection or a cellular data network; your account should also be subscribed to a text-messaging plan. For more details regarding iMessage service, talk to your wireless carrier if necessary. Also, do not skip to check the current Apple server status for iMessage service, you can find this information on the Apple support status page.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working on iPhone Problem

Even after doing all the above-required steps and fulfilling the requirements, you still face the problem then go through these steps below. These steps will help you get rid of whatever is troubling you in your iPhone.

1. Reboot your iMessage

This is a very simple method to fix iMessage. Go to settings and click on iMessage, to turn it off. Now, tab on the toggle beside the message to turn it off, turn off your iPhone or iPod and wait a minute before turning it back on, after that, go back to your message and turn it back on. Finally, go to your message and confirm if it worked.

2. Make sure you have a perfect internet connection

Since iMessage only works with cellular connection or wi-fi but if you are not connected properly through these means, your messages are sent automatically as text messages. But, if you have a weak internet connection then it may affect your iMessage. A quick way to check is by any website of your choice on safari.

3. Your iMessage must be set up correctly

Click on the settings icon, and then messages then tap to open the menu option called ‘send and receive’. Now you’ll be able to see a list of phone numbers and email addresses that are configured to send and receive iMessage on your device. You’ll find a selection label ‘Start New Conversation from’, check that label. Select your phone number to activate iMessage for your number after checking no signs to check marks next to your phone number.

4. Sometimes simply deleting old messages also helps

Sometimes a big issue may occur due to a minor change caused by an old iMessage that somehow got stuck in the old iMessage process.

Delete the last iMessage that you have received prior to the start of this problem. If needed then try deleting old iMessages and see if this helps to fix the issue.

  1. Tap on your settings option, then go to Wi-Fi/cellular
  2. On the above-shown screen, turn off Wi-Fi/cellular.
  3. Finally, restart your option and turn on the option for Wi-Fi/Cellular.

Repeat the same process (off/On) for Cellular network too, as iMessage works only with the help of Wi-Fi/Cellular network, in case you are using a cellular plan on your phone.

Try sending an iMessage on your phone to see whether you are receiving an iMessage on your phone or not.

5. Software updates

You should check for new software updates on your iPhone. First, Tap on Settings and click on General and then Software Updates. May issues can be fixed by updating the phone’s iOS, which pops up on your iPhone and iPods. This solution can easily fix your issue.

6. Use iMyFone iOS System Recovery (IOS 11 Supported)

This program can fix various iOS system issues that come up with iPhones every now and then. Using iMyFone iOS System Recovery is 100% secured and guaranteed. It won’t alter the information on your device in any way.

Here are a few steps to show how it actually works:

  1. To lunch the program, you need to download iMyFone iOS System to your computer, and then click on that start button that pops up in the middle of the screen.

  1. Use a USB cord to connect your phone to the PC. Click on the start button to start the repairing process.

  1. Firmware works to fix any issues with your phone by locating the problem itself, so select and download it and after you finish downloading, your system will begin to fix.

4. After this is done, your system will reboot and it will take you to a normal phone back again.

7. Reset your network settings

If your phone is not connecting to the internet at all, restart your network settings. Restore your phone’s network setting to its default settings, go to settings then General then Reset. Choose ‘Reset Network Setting’.

NOTE: Once you reset your network settings, all the information will be lost so, check all your wi-fi passwords. You will be required to enter your wi-fi password , before using them.

Final Words

Make sure that your account has sufficient credits or balance. Verify that your account is provisioned for iMessage. Some people who experience problems with it, requesting a top-up key to fix it. You can talk to your carrier to get it fixed.

Contact the Apple support and ask them to check their system logs for any outages affecting the service at the moment.

For further queries, you can also comment down below.