Lost Ark: How to Get Powerpass

To Get Lost Ark Powerpass: Anyone familiar with the loot-heavy ARPG genre Lost Ark is likely to understand that the fun of replaying the game is part of the adventure. 

You can experiment with new weapons and builds to improve your skills to reach the endgame. It would be tedious to go through the entire story and then skip to the endgame.

How to get Powerpass in Lost Ark

The Powerpass is obtained by finishing the story and Ealyn’s Gift mission. Then, it will be sent to you via in-game mail. To speed up the main level, click the Powerpass button in the main menu when you create a new character.

After going through the main plot points, you’ll quickly get to level 50. From there, you can begin gearing up for the endgame stuff. Each time you complete Ealyn’s Gift on a new character, you will receive a Powerpass.

This should cover everything you need to know how you can get Powerpass Lost Ark. You can find more information on BuildonTech.

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