Is Lost Ark Open World? Answered

Lost Ark : Smilegate’s newest game is proving to be a big hit with both critics and players  This is mainly due to its rich role-playing mechanics, which allow for customization and replayability. However, many are curious about its size in terms of its map size. Here’s the truth.

Is Lost Ark Open World? Answered

Lost Ark is not open-world in the same way as Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West. Instead, it is an ARPG 2.5D that can be viewed from an isometric perspective. The levels are segmented, and the design is very linear. As a result, lost Ark’s stories, even compared to games like Diablo III with a similar perspective, are smaller and more “on the rails” than other games.

You will explore small areas in each area, fighting enemies and looting while engaging with NPCs to advance the story. It’s not possible to go backward or traverse a large extent.

However, there is no open world. Instead, the game’s linearity emphasizes the exciting combat and RPG gameplay. Lost Ark’s levels have a variety of appearances and are often vertically oriented. This gives the adventure an illusion of scale, which it may lack in raw size.

This should tell you all you need to know about Lost Ark.