How to solve the houseboat puzzle in FAR: Changing Tides.

Solve the houseboat puzzle in FAR: You get a new upgrade for your ship when you solve each puzzle in FAR: Changed Tides. 

Speed through the world and get fuel more quickly with most of them.

 If you want to relax, though, there’s one that gives you a new place to do so. 

This guide tells you how to finish the houseboat puzzle so you can live on your boat.

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Step 1: Climb the tower

To start this puzzle, you must climb up the two parts of the crane.

 Use the levers you find to put up the parts first; then, you can climb the ladders on them to the top of the enormous structure that’s nearby.

Step 2: Repair the lift

The lift is broken when you get inside the tower. There is a repair box nearby. 

You need to pick it up, hold it over the lever, and fix it. 

To get inside, use the lever to move down into the structure. 

Then, look at a few images that show how things were in the past.

Step 3: Connect the houseboat

It’s time to get out of the tower when you’re down. You can press the large blue button to start the houseboat crane. 

Then, it would help if you used each lever to make sure the houseboat and your ship were lined up. 

This way, you can tell that the lever is where it should be. The light next to the lever will turn on. 

As soon as both lights are on, the houseboat will lower down to the ground and land.

 Step 4. Open the door.

The last piece of this puzzle is to open the big door blocking your way out. 

There is a metal gap at the bottom of the water. You can swim through the hole. 

Keep swimming, and you’ll come across a blue button. It would help if you swam against the blue button to push it in and open the door so that you could sail out of this place. 

This way, you can leave.