15 Best Fast Charging Apps For Android in 2021

Saying that phones have become a significant part of our lives would be an understatement. Earlier phones were used only for calling and texting but with the increasing presence of social media. So much usage often gets to a point where our phones are flooded with material like videos, apps, games, and all sorts of clutters, and due to this devices with time get slower and slower. It also depends upon how you use your phone. Many times the charging speed gets slower and our phones get heated quickly. And of course, phones are not something to replace very easily. But did you know you can easily solve the slow charging issue? Yup, certain apps make phone charging way faster. And in this article, we are going to discuss the best fast charging apps for your phones.

Best Fast Charging Apps 2021

It is time to look upon some great apps that can make the charging duration of your phone way faster. Go through the apps below and choose the one that fits your requirements the most.

1. Fast Charging – Fast Charge

Fasting Charging – Fast Charge is an online app available on Google Playstore that makes your charging speed way faster than it actually is. Along with details of your battery conditions including the temperature and the health status of the battery. You don’t need to worry about any complications with the app, it’s quite easy to follow what to do even if you’re not very technologically proficient.

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2. Fast Charging – Charge Battery Fast

Fast Charging- Charge Battery Fast is one of the best fast charging apps. This app not only speeds up the charging of the phone battery but also makes sure there are no running apps.

Please note that this app also disconnects your phone from WiFi and Bluetooth devices. So make sure you do not have an upcoming important call or message if you’re putting your phone to charge from this fast charging app.

3. Battery Turbo | Charge Optimizer

Battery Turbo is another great app to speed up your phone charging. It is considered to be much more polished fasting charging app than others as you can speed up your phone charging with the tap of a button, as well as receive a notification when the battery is full.

This app also removes all the apps running in the background, so it is advised to make sure you do not have anything important running in the background which you cannot afford to lose.

4. Fast Charging Pro (Speed up)

Fast Charging Pro (Speed up) is available on Google Playstore. The app obviously makes your charging speed a lot better than your regular charging speed. This is another app that keeps you updated on your phone battery’s health. This fast charging app adjusts the phone brightness as per your surrounding and also disconnects from WiFi and other networks to make it easier to charge the phone much faster.

5. Ultra-Fast Charger: Superfast Charging 2020

This app is also very similar to all the other apps mentioned in this article. Almost all the apps that are meant for fast charging have features like changing phone brightness as per the surrounding, disconnecting from WiFi or any other kind of network, and keeping you updated about the phone battery. The same is the case with Ultra-Fast Charger: Superfast Charging 2020.

6. Charge Battery Fast – Fast charging

Charge Battery Fast is one of the best fast charging apps out there. It removes all the running background apps, clears out all the clutters. As recommended before, please be sure that you do not have an upcoming call or message that you need to attend as you will no longer be connected to your internet while using Charge Battery Fast as the app is going to disconnect from all WiFi and other network sources.

7. Fast Charging

Fast Charging is a very unique charging app that also informs you about the time until your battery runs out, so you are alert about when you can start the charging. So you never see 1% battery on your phone. Just like other apps, it can also update you with everything about your battery’s health and temperature.

8. LUX Battery Master

LUX Battery Master really speeds up battery charging. Even if you have a cluttered-up phone device, no matter how old your device is. You can change the settings on the app as per your preferences, and when you are done, the app has one tap optimization available.

9. Green Battery – Power Saver Free, CPU better

Green Battery is one of the best fast charging apps out there and comparatively better than all the other fast charging apps. This app is not only a fast charging app. But full care for your device battery, and optimization. It also cleans out junk from your phone and hence, it was best for the overall well-being of your phone.

10. Battery Guru

Battery Guru is a battery-saving app for Snapdragon-based devices. This apps takes care and keeps you updated about battery health. But this app isn’t completely free, it gives a seven-day trial period in which it tries to get the functioning of your phone and then fixes your battery obstacles. This app is pretty unique and distinctive from others.

15 Free Fast Charging Apps for your Phones

If you are looking for more options to explore, below mentioned are the 15 best fast charging apps you can choose the best from.

  1. Fast Charging Pro
  2. Fast charging – Charge Battery Fast
  3. Super Fast Charging – Charge Master
  4. Fast Charging – Battery Optimizer 
  5. Super Fast Charger 
  6. Battery Turbo Charger
  7. Fast Charging – Fast Charge 
  8. Charge Battery Fast
  9. Battery Booster
  10. Green Battery
  11. Fast Charging 2021
  12. Superfast Charger
  13. 300 Battery Life
  14. 2 Battery
  15. DU Battery Saver


So now you can use your phone without any barrier and you do not have to always keep it on charge as now you have such great apps that can help you charge your phone within no time. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.