Triangle Strategy: How to Acquire New Skills

How to Acquire New Skills: It was made by Artdink and released by Square Enix. 

Triangle Strategy, a new tactical RPG for the Nintendo Switch, is a brand new game that’s just been released. 

There is an HD-2D look to the game, and there are multiple narrative paths that you can choose from. 

These paths affect how the storey progresses, and you can choose which way to follow. 

This is how to learn new skills in Triangle Strategy.


Learning New Skills in the Triangle Strategy


With each level that your units go up, they’ll also be able to do something else for the first two or three times.

The game will let you know when your character has learned a new skill, and you can also check them out from the character info screen by going to the Roster.

You’ll also need to sell your units to get even more skills.

All of the abilities you can learn after level 10 will be locked behind class changes. 

This means that you’ll have to move them up a class to get more abilities as they level up. 

It doesn’t matter how high your units get if they don’t learn anything new even though their levels go up.

This is how you can look at each of your units’ abilities. You can open the menu and choose the Roster option. 

Then, look at the character information screen for each of your units to see which abilities they’ve already unlocked, as well as which abilities they can get in the future. 

This should help you make better decisions about which units you might want to put up for sale first.

It’s a good idea to sell your most important units as soon as possible because they’ll be able to hold more TP and be more useful in battle.

That’s all you need to know about how to learn new abilities in Triangle Strategy.