How To Change Your Profile Picture In Apex Legends Mobile?

Change Your Profile Picture: Apex Legends Mobile has just been released in 10 different countries.

 Users who are getting used to the game are faced with a myriad of questions concerning it. 

One of them is how to change the image of your profile in Apex Legends Mobile. 

Surprisingly, many players are having problems with this.

This article will show the steps to accomplish this via either your Google, Apple, or EA account. 

Therefore, with no further delay, let’s dive into the details.

How Do I Change My the Profile Picture in Apex The Legends Mobile?

Change Profile Picture Using Google

  • Open Gmail.
  • Log into your Google Account by clicking on the Profile Picture in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Choose from the Personal Info option.
  • Under the Basic Info Under Basic Info, you will find the option to edit the Profile Photo.
  • Make it the image you wish to use in Apex Legends Mobile.
  • Now, open Apex Legends Mobile.
  • Log into the Settings and Log out of the game.
    • Then, start the game and sign into the game using your Google account.
    • After you have signed in, your profile picture of yours will have changed.
  • Change Profile Picture via EA Account
    • Log into the account settings.
    • Select your avatar
    • Select an image
    • Upload the image
    • Visit Apex Legends Mobile, and log out.
    • Restart Apex Legends Mobile and sign in again with the same account.
    • Your profile picture must now be up-to-date.
  • Change Profile Picture through Apple Account
    • Log into Your Apple ID account.
    • Navigate to the settings.
    • Select to open the Apple ID Profile Picture.
    • Change your profile picture to the one you prefer.
    • Visit the game and leave.
    • Start the game again and sign in once more. Your profile picture should be updated.

It is how players can alter their profile photos on Apex Legends Mobile.