WhatsApp for Tablet: How to Download on Android Tab?

I guess Whatsapp doesn’t need an introduction as everybody irrespective of the age knows about it (well, maybe an exception for the people who live under a stone). Because who wouldn’t want to keep in touch with their family and friends. It allows the user to send photos, videos, messages, to make voice calls, video calls and sending gifs to our loved ones over mobile data connection or wifi. The Best thing is we can install it in any device, mobile phones, laptops, PC’s, tablets etc… Tablets? Yes, we can install WhatsApp in tablets too. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself after reading the article.

Whatsapp on Tablet

Whatsapp on Tablet: Is this Possible?

We all know about the intimate relationship between mobile and humans. Whatsapp just needs a phone number for activation of an account. Whatsapp is most likely to be downloaded in only mobile devices. Where PC and computers users use “WhatsApp Web”. Since tablet users won’t find this app in the app store, they think that WhatsApp is not available to tablet. But It is totally wrong and fake. 

Yes, Google always says to use their app store for installing apps for security reasons. But the truth is, you can easily install any application on your device using google chrome. You can download any kind of unsupported or non-downloadable apps (conditions apply). In some cases you cannot download due to errors like insufficient storage etc. then you just need to download the app’s APK file and try installing again. APK files are described as similar to EXE files on windows. 

It means when you are downloading the app and install it from Google Play store, you are also downloading an APK file. This whole process happens behind the scenes which you are not aware of, all you see is the downloading progress bar. People don’t normally recommend installing Whatsapp on a tablet as we need to have a different account. Different account means different phone number. But if you don’t have a different number, then Whatsapp Web suits you since it doesn’t require a new number.

What Are The Uses Of Whatsapp?

Whatsapp uses vary from providing security to international callings. It provides privacy features, an end to end encryption, access anything for free features etc… You can chat and do voice calls or video calls for free using your wifi or mobile data. You can also send texts, videos, documents, pictures to anyone on the planet. Not only sending them, you can receive too.

You can create endless group chats for your families, friends or for your work people up to 256 participants. You can use this in any device or can receive from any device. Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows phones etc. Windows desktop computers or laptops can’t allow Calls but we can receive or send messages. You can also video chat with four people at a time.

The best thing about WhatsApp is users are always logged in so you don’t miss any important messages, you also don’t need a password. You are allowed to block a person who you think might be dangerous. In Whatsapp, you can add statuses also which lasts up to 24 hrs and can be seen only by your contacts. Some of the other features and uses are listed below.

  • You can send contacts
  •  customize notifications
  •  add wallpapers
  • send chat history to email
  • send locations 
  • broadcast your status to people.
  • even the camera allows shooting videos and images within the app and more.

How to Install WhatsApp on Tablet?

If you want to install Whatsapp on your tablet, then you only need to download the WhatsApp APK file from the internet as discussed above. It doesn’t need much searching, a normal web search shows you the APK file. All you have to do is to allow installing app from outside rather than Google Play stores in your tablet. Then the app installs itself. Here is the step-by-step procedure to do it.

Step 1: Go to settings, then select apps and notifications >advanced> special app access. 

Step 2: Scroll down to click on install unknown apps. 

Step 3:  To use browser (chrome is best) mark as enables and select it and slide to on.

Step 4: Exit from settings. Open Chrome and search WhatsApp APK.

Step 5: You will see several results of APKMirror and APKPure. 

Step 6: Click anyone to download the APK file. After it gets downloaded, you get a notification on top of the screen.

Step 7: Click on it to install on your tablet. You will ask to enter phone number to create an account.

Step 8: For verification, you can choose phone call or six-digit verification code.

How To Install WhatsApp On An iPad?

Well, the method explained above is only applicable for an Android device. iPad users need another method. Even though you cannot install Whatapp On iPad, you can still use it through Safari. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Open Safari on your Ipad and search for WebWhatsApp.com. This will take you to WhatsApp home page.

Step 2: Tap and hold refresh button for a second, an option saying “load desktop site” will be displayed, click on it.

Step 3: after reloading page, it shows WhatsApp web interface where you can scan QR code and pair your iPhone. Go to settings in your Iphone’s Whatsapp, then to WhatsApp web feature and scan code to pair devices. 

Step 4: pages reloads itself and come back with all your media from your WhatsApp. 

There are two disadvantages to using WhatsApp through iPad. First is you can’t send voice note. Second is you don’t get notification of incoming messages because web browsers don’t support IOS and a few bugs can be seen. 

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In this article, we have discussed everything which you need to know about Whatsapp on Tablet. If you have any doubts, please do feel free to ask them in the comments section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the best of our knowledge.