How to Get Pony Love Achievement

Get Pony Love Achievement: There are many achievements, quests, and side quests that you can complete, no matter if you play Nobody Saves the World as a solo player or as a co-op.

 If you pay attention to details, some are easy to miss. 

So we’ll show you how to complete each one, so you don’t miss any.

 This guide will show you how to complete the Unbridled Love sidequest and earn the Pony Love Achievement in Nobody Saves the World.

How to get the Pony Love Achievement in Nobody Saves the World.

Here’s how to get the Pony Love Achievement at Nobody Saves the World.

  1. Get the Guard up to Level C to unlock the Horse transformation
  2. Complete the Horse Mines Dungeon
  3. Talk to the Golden Horse outside the Dungeon while you are Horse form

Unlocking the Horse form is the first step in achieving this achievement.

 This form can unlock by raising your Guard level to Level C. You will need to complete the Horse Mines Dungeon. 

This is an early-game dungeon located on the northeastern side of the first area.

 The Horse Mines Dungeon will complete as you progress through the story. 

You can miss this achievement! Next, you must enter the Horse form and proceed outside the dungeon.

 You may have to transport to this area if you have already beaten the area.

 After completing the dungeon, several horses can be found outside. 

A golden horse should be seen with a yellow exclamation mark above its head. 

Talk to this horse while you are in Horse form, and you’ll complete the side quest Unbridled Love quest. 

This will give you the Pony Love achievement. It’s simple, but it can be missed. 

It’s a simple achievement that is easy to attain, but you could miss it if you don’t do it. 

To earn this achievement from Nobody Saves the World, this is all you need to know. 

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