12+ Best Web Browsers for Windows 10

Welcome Windows 10 users, this entire blog is for you. If you are reading this, it means you are having one perfect browser from this list. To make your browsing experience much more fun you can select the best and different web browsers based on this blog. In the web browser, you can type the URL in the address bar and your browser will show the result based on your search which includes some technical pieces of stuff like DNS server connection establishment and IP address surfing.

Best Web Browsers for Windows 10

Top 12 Best Web browsers for Windows 10

High reputation web browsers not only used for surfing also to play a local video stored and password manager, automatic form filler and download manager. Moreover, their lots and lots of extensions and plugins are available to make your browser a better one. In this blog, we are going to see some efficient and powerful browsers for your windows 10.

1.Google Chrome

A Google product that never fails to impress users. From Google chrome origin it rose up very quickly because of its faster browsing speed. It always maintains its own standard on two important things speed and higher efficiency. Some more important basic features like themes, extensions, incognito mode and bookmark management and so on. It has well-versed profile management. It has a unique feature that allows its users to cast content in chromecast enabled device. The developers keep on updating the app and its cross-device support is awesome.

2.Mozilla Firefox

An awesome come back of Mozilla Firefox in Windows 10 with the help of Firefox Quantum. The new pack contains a number of useful features like enhanced tab management, novel task manager page. It is known for its newly modified UI and many user-suggested features. In private browsing, it has a tracking protection facility to prevent requests from tracking domains. You can select this because of its uncompromising features like complete disabling of tracking and blocking in-browser crypto mining.


If you are a Java-enabled mobile user, you will be more familiar with the Opera browser. It has its own reputations and still this browser receiving the developmental features. The main competitor for the Opera is Chrome. A simple and well-advanced browser that has data compression mode, battery saving options, in-built ad-blocker, currency converter, VPN service and so on. The main unique feature is opera turbo which helps to browse your need even faster in the web traffic. You can use chrome extensions in opera because of the same engine Chromium.


Chromium is an open-source alternative for chrome users. The common features like Google account signing, data syncing, extension downloading and lot more. Both chrome and chromium share several advanced and essential features. It lacks some features which chrome contains likely automatic app updates, proprietary audio codecs, and player component.


Image result for vivaldi browser hd picA novel browser that is listed in the top browsers for Windows 10 because of its features is Vivaldi. It has the in-build adaptive UI which will change according to the color scheme of the website. As it is inspired by the chromium-based browser, it supports Chrome extensions. The reason why the Vivaldi browser is in the top list is it has the level of customization for the address bar, tab bar, custom keyboard shortcuts, and mouse gestures.

6.Torch Browser

Torch browser is only for the Windows platform. It has an in-built torrent download for the bit torrent lovers. You can easily access torrent websites using the browser. This chromium-based browser is more unique for its strong content. It has a media grabber tool that is used for the streaming of videos and audio files from webpages. It has a download accelerator and will play partially downloaded videos and torrents. An interesting feature called Torch Facelift which helps to change the theme on Facebook for its lovers.

7.Brave web browser

Brave browser is well-known for its highly privacy-focused web browser and to add on it has in-built blockers for ad and website trackers. It was developed using Javascript by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. It is an open-source browser that introduces for pay to surf model. The company will share the revenue earned using this browser which you will get by the ad. As it is focused on privacy settings it has private tabs integrated with tor option for higher privacy.

8.Microsoft Edge

A web browser that is specifically made for Windows 10 users. It was released to save the veteran internet explorer. To compete with the chrome, Microsoft Edge has a set of tabs aside to make space for a new browser and single Hub. It helps users to access bookmarks, history, and downloads and so on. The extensions are very much helpful which helps to highlight the content, writing, and sniping and save the webpage. It has its uniqueness in integration with Windows 10.

9.Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon was originally developed only for the sole purpose of web browsing, later on, several features were added to it to make it better. The best features like data sync to cloud, tools for capturing web pages, built-in Adblock plus, night mode, screenshot tool, email client, password manager, and note-taking tool. It is one of the fastest browsers because of the two rendering engines WebKit and Trident.

10.UC Browser

The best browser which has the highest reputation in the Android platform is the UC browser. It is available on the Windows platform. It is very much similar and looks good like how it is on other platforms. The background theme and User-interface pretty look like Microsoft edge. Some best features like a built-in password manager and cloud sync capabilities with other devices. If you are not looking for a high level of needs you can go with this UC browser.

Final Words

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Tor browser
  2. Epic
  3. UC Browser
  4. Maxthon Cloud Browser
  5. Microsoft Edge
  6. Brave web browser
  7. Torch Browser
  8. Vivaldi
  9. Chromium
  10. Opera
  11. Mozilla Firefox
  12. Google Chrome

Pick the best web browser for Windows 10 and enjoy the ultimate in it. If you find this blog useful do comment.

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