Easy Live Casino Games to Learn and Play

There are two strategies to succeed at any casino game, as any seasoned gambler will inform you: Increasing your bankroll through legitimate wins and incurring the fewest losses possible. Your time is worth more than money; therefore, you will gain more from winning if you lose less money over time.

The casino—or “house,” as we refer to it—has an inherent edge on every game it hosts. These games provide the house an advantage that is constant throughout casinos because it is based on that particular game’s rules and pay tables.

Gamblers need to choose games that are simple to learn and master in order to counter that edge.

Almost all casino games are simple to pick up and play, but only a handful are easy to win. Games that are “easy to win” usually provide the least playing disadvantages.

Whether you realize it or not, you are giving money to the casino every time you pull the lever or click the deal button. Every game you may wager on has a hidden cost known as “the house advantage” (also known as the house edge).

It’s time to discuss the online casino games that are the easiest now that you understand what makes them simple as well as the casino’s apparent advantage.

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Video poker

Because it usually has one of the lowest house edges in the gaming industry—0.46%—Video poker is included on every list of simple casino games to make money, both offline and online casinos. You might notice a negative house edge on some video poker machines. That’s accurate. You can compete online for supremacy or a few dollars if you are familiar with the five-card draw poker regulations.

Making sure the particular machine you are playing has the appropriate pay table is one of the secrets to succeeding at video poker. The next step is to applaud yourself for the wise decisions you made while playing.

Texas Hold’em

Please don’t misinterpret this; neither playing Texas Holdem nor winning at it are easy tasks. In order to improve your skills, you will need to look at Texas Hold’em guide. Having said that, there are many chances to win if you can learn to play objectively and per the odds.

Just be careful not to give the house an excessive amount of your winning hands.

There is almost always a minimal house edge in table card games where players compete for cash. Because it is not based on the discrepancy between payment odds and genuine odds, it cannot be considered an “advantage.”

For each Texas Holdem game that ends in a flop, the house will take a portion of the pot. Certain casinos could take a portion of the pot at the turn or river. The rake is the name of that cut.

Poker competitions are a unique species. Since the chips used in tournaments have no real value, the house keeps a cut of the buy-in (and re-buy) charge as its rake.


Finding an online casino game that is easier or more generous in RTP than blackjack is not going to be easy. Regardless of the size of the stakes or the success/failure rates of the other players at the same table, the house advantage in blackjack always remains the same. This is due to blackjack’s modest 0.5% true house edge.

Remember that this modest house advantage varies significantly from casino to casino and from table to table. Why? For the reason that the House edge varies based on the number of decks used and even if the blackjack being dealt is the American or European type.

The dealer’s hole card is not examined until all players have finished playing their hands in the European blackjack variation. This modification changes the way hands are played.

However, whether played online or in a physical casino, blackjack has one of the smallest house advantages. How does the casino generate revenue from its blackjack operations? Simple. The house has a 0.5% edge when playing perfectly. Over time, you’ll only lose 50 cents for every $100 you gamble if you play every hand well.

But if you’ve ever seen players at a blackjack table, you know that excellent play is not a skill set that can be quickly learned or applied.