How to Get Mourning Lilly in V Rising

Get Mourning Lilly in V Rising: V Rising offers a variety of resources and items that you can collect. These items will help you as a weak Vampire that has risen from a deep sleep. 

To make potions, Mourning Lily will be one of the items you need to farm in the game’s early stages. Let’s look at this guide on planting Mourning Lily for V Rising.

Locate Where to Farm and Get Mourning Lilly in V Rising 

Mourning Lilly is located in the Forgotten Cemetery within Farbane Woods. Can find growing amongst the headstones. It will have a glowing, light blue-coloured top with a bell-shaped head.

This is also where you will find Nicholaus, the Fallen, and his minions. We recommend that you wear quality armour. Don’t risk your life if you are not prepared. Farm as many Lily plants as possible and get out before your health is completely drained.

You don’t want to risk your life by going to the Forgotten Cemetery. Instead, you can farm Mourning Lily at a nearby graveyard. Look for it in the plants or on top of headstones.

It is possible to find it in treasures or chests, often looted from villages. Although the probability of finding it is very low, it is not zero.

For 15 Silver Coins, you can also buy the Mourning Lilily Seed from Gavyn, the Shady dealer, to grow your own Mourning Lilly. To find him, see the Trade Market Locations guide.

You will need Mourning Lily at the Alchemy Table to craft –

  • Minor Sun Resistance Brew 
    • x20 Mooring Lily
    • x20 Blood Rose
    • x1 Hydro-Filled Canteen
  • Holy Resistance Potion 
    • x60 Mooring Lily
    • x2 Scourgestones
    • x1 Water-Filled Bottle