How to get dark silver in V Rising

Get dark silver in V Rising: Half of ‘s late game will try to obtain dark silver Ingots. This is one of few items that doesn’t seem to drop in nature, no matter where players are farming it. 

Pro-level players won’t be able to kill their way up the tech tree unless they are on a PvP server taking down those ahead.

It’s rare and requires dark silver ingots to complete many endgame upgrades. This process is very slow and cannot be started by new players. Veteran players who are prepared will be able to start collecting the ingredients immediately.

Killing Octavian

To kickstart the process, gamers must eliminate Octavian The Militia Capt. There are fewer bosses, which means that there will be fewer crucial turning points. Players can make dark silver by taking out Octavian, but they also get the Dawnthorne Regalia and dark silver weapons.

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You can find him in the Bastion Of Dunley, just inside the large barricade at the northernmost point. He is a skilled combatant, and it is highly recommended that you have all upgrades before facing him. To split his focus, he plays with friends.

Gathering the Ingredients

Dark silver is created by melting scourge stones in a furnace. These quantities will vary from one server to another (and will also change based on castle flooring or rooms). However, farming Scourgestone will require large amounts of heavy dust and glass (from quartz) and whetstones.

Then it’s on to the Silverlight Hills silver mine to get more silver. You can use a nearby waygate for back-and-forth travel to the castle unless fast travel is disabled by silver. This will depend on your server settings.

If you have trouble building a castle, try the northwest corner of the map, west of the Sacred Silver Mine and north of Brighthaven. This is one of the most desirable places in the game to build a castle, as it’s where nearly all of the late-game farming takes place.