How To Get Snax’s Voice Pack in BGMI?

Get Snax’s Voice Pack: With the BGMI’s 1.8 updates releasing some of the most exciting gaming features this season, Krafton Inc. has kept us entertained with their well-loved voice packs featuring famous voices, which they’ve released in addition to other updates. 

The first was with Jonathan, followed by Kaztro, and now Zeher Burst is next because Snax’s voice packs have finally been added to the game!

How to Get BGMI Streamer Snax’s Basic Voice Pack In March 2022?

To purchase Snax’s voice pack, you’ll need to follow these steps as outlined in the following paragraphs:

1. Begin the game.

2. Go to the game’s in-game store.

3. Under the section called Treasure Under the Treasure section, you can find the ‘Snax’ voice pack’ on the image of a card featuring his facial features.

4. Buy the pack and go to your inventory.

5. Find ‘voices,’ then select Snax’s voice pack.

When you play, you’ll be able to select various voices that you can choose and drag onto the list of your desired match.

Also, there is a unique voice pack available with the dialogues of Snax in Hindi; however, Snax has confirmed that the pack will be released on 14th April.

 The pack has been hypnotized and is expected to be more enjoyable to play with, as Sanx has stated that the dialogues in the pack will show the fun aspect of playing the Battle Royal game mode.

As of the writing of this piece, Snax’s base pack is available for sale for 250 UC. 

Krafton Inc. has had giveaways of the streams in the past, and, as such, you’ll need to keep an eye out for a new one through the firm’s Instagram to download Snax’s packs free!

Go to the game and purchase your hands on BGMI streamer Snax’s vocal pack immediately as long as it’s on sale (and is still accessible).