PlayStation Officially Announced Firewall Ultra For The PlayStation VR2

PlayStation Officially Announced Firewall Ultra For The PlayStation VR2: PlayStation has officially revealed Firewall Ultra for the PlayStation VR2. Firewall: Zero Hour, a new installment in the developer First Contact Entertainment’s new first-person shooter series, was released in 2018.

The PlayStation VR game provided a tactical shooting experience with several contract assignments that allowed players to control special contractors.

First Contact Entertainment is now prepared to release the Firewall franchise’s newest installment for the PlayStation’s next-generation VR headset.

First Contact Entertainment refers to Firewall Ultra as the “next development” of the Firewall series. It will be a first-person multiplayer shooter as well.

Still, it will be made using the cutting-edge capabilities of the PlayStation VR2 headset. And the expertise gained during the production of a prior significant VR release.

The visuals of every model in Firewall: Zero Hour have been enhanced. Since the PlayStation VR2 supports 4K HDR. Maps have also had a visual makeover, and new regions will be added.

But Firewall Ultra is more than simply a revision of Firewall: Zero Hour. It also contains many fresh concepts and new materials. In addition, Firewall Ultra has a unique PvE experience, the specifics of which will be released later.

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This will delight single-player enthusiasts. Significant updates are also being made to multiplayer.

Matches will now be played in a best-of-three format instead of singles on dedicated servers instead of peer-to-peer ones.

The adjustments should guarantee a much better and more refined online experience.

To maintain a consistent online player base for the game long after its first success. Firewall Ultra will also continue to include expanded content beyond its original release.

New contractors, new terrain, and new weaponry are among the content that will be published after the debut.

No information has been provided on the availability of this material as paid DLC or free updates.

Although Firewall will feature a “deeper degree of customisation” than its predecessor, there is no information about expensive cosmetic DLC.

With the introduction of Firewall Ultra, the portfolio of upcoming releases for the PlayStation VR2 gains another exciting title. As a

PlayStation 5-only peripheral, the PlayStation VR2, is anticipated to launch in early 2023.

The release date for Firewall Ultra hasn’t been announced either. So it may come later or be a launch title.

When Firewall: Zero Hour was launched for PS VR in 2018, it didn’t exactly cause a big stir.

However, Firewall Ultra’s upcoming upgrade and expansion could give it the polish it needs to distinguish from the expanding field of VR games.

By the end of the year, additional information about the Firewall should be available.