In April, HTC will launch its “Metaverse” phone, used for VR and AR.

HTC will launch its “Metaverse” phone: In Taiwan, HTC makes phones. One of HTC’s executives has said that the company plans to launch a “metaverse” phone in April.

The new HTC phone is a “high-end” phone from the company.

HTC used to be known for making Android phones, but now it makes virtual reality (VR) games and apps for Vive.

At this year’s MWC, the company announced its new Viverse brand, which will include VR headsets and other VR and augmented reality (AR) products. This brand will be called Viverse.

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The HTC Asia-Pacific General Manager said that the HTC metaverse phone would be released at the MWC.

The phone is said to be for people who want to use VR and AR apps. saw this.

If you want a high-end smartphone, you’ll want to get one from HTC.

The exact specifications of the phone haven’t been released yet.

The company’s recent releases, on the other hand, were limited to simple hardware.

This isn’t the first time HTC has tried to get some attention in the smartphone market by jumping on the bandwagon of a new technology that isn’t very well known.

People who believe in Blockchain might be interested in HTC Exodus 1, a smartphone made by a company in New Taipei, Taiwan, in 2018.

In 2019, it added Exodus 1s to its list of products to sell.

However, both of them didn’t get to the general public.

At MWC 2022 this week, HTC also showed off its new ideas for 5G, in-car VR, and location-based entertainment.

It also announced Viverse as its new brand for VR experiences and released new products like the VR-based Vive Browser, the VR-based Vive Connect, and the Vive Guardian tool for parents, guardians, and teachers to use when they play VR games with kids.

If you want to have a seamless experience on any device or anywhere, “Viverse” is for you.

It’s made possible by HTC’s investments in virtual and augmented reality, high-speed connectivity, AI, and blockchain technologies, Cher Wang said in a press release.

A lot of HTC’s smartphone business was sold to Google in 2017 for $1.1 billion, which was a lot of money (roughly Rs. 8,300 crores).

It also merged its smartphone and virtual reality divisions to make things easier for the company.

In 2018, the company said that it would not stop making smartphones. That’s not true, though.