Google will now allow users to pay for parking with their voice.

Google has launched a new feature that allows users to pay for parking with their voice via a partnership between ParkMobile and Google.

TechCrunch reports that the goal is to eliminate pain points such as paying at the meter when it is too hot, a meeting is longer than expected, or the cup holder doesn’t have enough quarters.

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This partnership is just the latest example in Google’s push for transportation.

It includes adding bike-hailing and ride-hailing to Google Maps, creating a digital key, and working with automakers to integrate its Android operating systems into vehicles.

Parking is the low-hanging apple that allows Google to integrate further into people’s daily lives.

The partnership with Parkmobile is currently limited in reach. The report stated that Google would soon be adding partners to its network if past trends indicate what’s to follow.

It’s as simple as it sounds. After you have parked in a spot, say “Hey Google! Pay for Parking” and follow the prompts from Google Assistant to pay with your phone.

It added that Google Pay handles the transaction.