When is PUBG Ranked Season 16 coming out?

PUBG Ranked Season 16: If you want to get more competitive and win rewards in PUBG, there are Seasons that you can join to do that. 

Players always want to start a new season and see what new things are in store for them.

 PUBG Ranked Season 16 is the same. Players have been waiting for news about the new season. 

Let’s look at PUBG Ranked Season 16.

Season 16 of PUBG Battlegrounds Ranked is over.

Season 16 of PUBG Battlegrounds Ranked has already come out. It went live with the next update, 16. 1. 

The date was different based on whether you played on a PC or a console. 

Those who played on PC got the update on February 16, but those who played on consoles had to wait until February 24 to get it. 

Since a Season lasts for up to two and a half to three months, this Season should end around mid-April.

The ranked mode also comes with this season. Up to 64 players compete in squad games to get their Rank up. 

The new mode also has a new set of rules for competing against each other. 

Players can rise or fall in rank based on how well they play. Every reward that people earned in Season 15 will be available to use in their player inventory.

 For one season, they can be used. The Parachute Skin is a reward that stays with you. 

If anyone needs a refresher, here are all of the Season 15 rewards for those who need it.

Tier Season 15 Reward List


Bronze PUBG ID Emblem


Silver PUBG ID Emblem


Gold PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin


Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin


Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin


Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem, Animated Master Nameplate, Ranked Parachute Skin

Top 500

Bonus rewards for Top 500 players: Animated Top 500 PUBG ID Emblem Animated Top 500 Nameplate

This is all you need to know about the 16th season of PUBG.