Lost Ark – How do you get Iron Ore, and where do you mine ores?

Lost Ark: In your Stronghold, one of the things you’ll need to do research and make things is Iron Ore.

For most of the first recipes and research upgrades that you make in your Stronghold, you need Iron Ore.

 This is one of the essential materials in the game.

Before getting Iron Ore in the game, you need to learn how to trade and mine, which you learn in Lake bar.

The best way to get Iron Ore in Lost Ark is to mine minerals veins worldwide.

 If you want to mine a mineral vein, you need to walk up to it and press G while wearing a Mining Tool.

Many maps in the game have mineral veins that you can mine, but not all do.

You can mine for ores on Lake bar for the first time, the first map in Lost Ark. 

Find veins in the middle and at the top of this map.

How to get Iron Ore in Lost Ark

For Iron Ore, you mine mineral veins, which can be found on some maps in Lost Ark.

Mining skill is one of the trade skills that you can learn. Before you can mine ore, you need both the Mining skill and a Mining Tool.

If you’re following the main questline, you’ll get the trade skills you need while you’re in Lake bar.

To mine ore, walk up to it and press G. You’ll get a lot of minerals, including Iron Ore.

In the game, there aren’t going to be veins to mine on every map. 

You can find out whether or not a map has veins by opening the World Map and looking under Area/Landmark for the available Trade Skills on the map you want to mine.

Blue rocks show up on the minimap and in the Trade Skills section of the world map. 

Mineral veins show up on the minimap and the world map.

Look at the minimap while moving around to see where ore veins are quick in the game.

The first map you’ll get to find mineral veins, and iron ore is Lake bar. This is the same map where you learn to mine.

Mineral veins can be found mainly in the middle of the map and near the Triport at the top of the map.