Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons in the Lost Ark are being nerfed.

Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons in the Lost Ark are being nerfed: Roxx says that the difficulty of the game’s endgame has been a hot topic. A post by Roxx, the community manager for Lost Ark, says that some of the game’s later content will be getting less powerful.

Abyss Dungeons and Guardian Raids are two activities that will be getting some changes.

The difficulty is a big deal regarding Lost Ark’s endgame content.

We’ve seen a lot of feedback about specific raids and dungeons that players have found more tedious than fun.

Following this feedback, we’ll make the T1 and T2 content a little easier so that everyone’s things are a little easier.

Lost Ark Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons will be slashed in power, so they’ll be less fun.

They will be easier in the next weekly update, but not all will be easier.

Guardian Raids



Flame Fox Yoho




Abyss Dungeons

Necromancer’s Origin

Hall of the twisted Warlord

Hilderbrandt Palace

Sea of Indolence

The announcement has led to a lot of debate in the community.

Many people think that nerfing the game’s content will make it less fun for people to try to get better at it.

If the game’s endgame content isn’t exciting, players will hit the “progression wall” a lot faster and run out of things to do.

Slippery: if anyone can get through the endgame content without putting their skills to the test, how will they do when they get to T3 or when the actual challenging content comes out? Will they then expect that to be slashed, too?

Nonetheless, I can understand why people say some endgame content can be long and tedious.

I’ve spent a lot of time in groups trying to kill certain Guardian Raid bosses.

However, mastering Lost Ark isn’t supposed to be easy, and learning to do things like show off moves is part of the journey.

If you play Lost Ark, you will learn a lot. The feeling of finally defeating a ruthless guardian or clearing the abyss dungeon is one of the things that make it a fun game.

Players seem to have difficulty finding people to play with because some raids and dungeons have complicated mechanics that require communication.

We all know that talking to people you don’t know can be challenging.

Not only that, but not everyone has friends to play this game with.

Isn’t that what guilds are for? Here’s to hoping they find a good balance and don’t split the player base by nerfing everything to make the game too easy.