Why did Jeff Kaplan leave Blizzard and Overwatch

Blizzard revealed in April last year that Jeff Kaplan would leave the firm after 19 years of service. Many people were perplexed as to why Jeff Kaplan departed Overwatch and Blizzard. Everything you need to know is right here.

Kaplan is an American video game creator and former vice president of Blizzard Entertainment for those who are unfamiliar. He is well recognized for his work on World of Warcraft as a quest designer and then as the game director.

Kaplan is also the creator of Overwatch, a widely popular team-based shooter that has thrived despite his absence. Let’s take a closer look at the guy now that you know a little more about him.

Why did Jeff Kaplan leave Blizzard and Overwatch?

Jeff Kaplan’s departure from Overwatch and Blizzard is still a mystery a year after the announcement. The corporation did release a “personal statement” from Jeff, in which the famed game director wrote:

Aaron Keller has been named to take over Kaplan’s job as Overwatch’s director. Kaplan isn’t the only high-profile employee who’s departing. 

Many Blizzard executives and higher-ups have recently left the firm, including former CEO Mike Morhaime, who resigned in 2018 to start his own studio, Dreamhaven.