What Is Discord’s Slow Mode? How to Enable or Disable It?

Discord’s Slow Mode: Conversations within Discord channels can heat up fast. The messaging app has a brand new feature, Discord threads, that allows you to create an individual feed dedicated to specific topics; server administrators can utilize a unique feature known as a slow mode that limits the number of messages posted in the Discord channel.

 In this article, we’ve provided all you need to know about Discord’s quiet way, as well as how to enable or deactivate the feature on your server.

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Discord Slow Mode Explained

What is Discord Slow Mode?

Discord slow mode was designed for servers with large numbers in mind. The name says it all; it allows server administrators to create a cooldown timer for the active channel.

 Administrators of servers will require access to the “Manage channel” permission to turn off or enable slow mode. 

After allowing, users must wait until the expires before sending another message.

It’s important to note it is essential to note that slow mode doesn’t apply to administrators. 

In reality, anyone who has Manage Channel, Manage Messages, or Administrator permissions are not affected by the timer, along with the server’s owner.

 Administrators can continue sending messages usually, even when they are on channels that have quiet mode turned on.

Enable Slow Mode on Discord Desktop/Web

1. Start the Discord Server and select the Settings icon for gear beside the channel’s title.

2. Within”Overview” in the “Overview” section, Under the “Overview” section, you’ll find an option to modify the duration of the slow mode. The choices start from 5 seconds and increase until 6 hours. Select the time that works the best for your channel, then select “Save changes” to save the timer.

3. As you will see in the photo below in the image below, the slow mode is now set to be enabled in the channel. This means that members must wait until the timer expires when they send an email. As previously mentioned, server administrators, owners of the server, and users with “Manage Channel” access are not affected by the countdown timer and can typically send messages.

Disable Slow Mode on Discord Desktop/ Web

1. Select the Settings gear icon next to the channel’s name to open the settings.

2. Modify the speed mode’s duration from “Off” and click on “Save Changes.” That’s it. You’ve removed this feature. Every user on the server can now send messages, usually within the channel in the future.

Discord Slow Mode: Enable or disable Discord Mode on mobile devices (Android, iOS)

1. Go to the server and press the channel you wish to turn slow mode for a long time. From the menu, tap on “Edit Channel.”

2. Continue scrolling down to come across “Slow mode” and then set the cooldown timer according to your preferences.

Also, setting the cooldown to “Off” eliminates slow mode from your channel. After you have enabled or disabled quiet way, click”Save” or the “Save” move button to save the settings.

This is all you need to be aware of regarding Discord’s Slow Mode.