FIFA 20 and 3 more Games Losing Today From Xbox Game Pass

FIFA 20 and 3 more Games Losing Today From Xbox Game Pass:  Comparing Xbox Game Pass to Netflix makes a lot of sense in terms of video game streaming. Like Netflix, Xbox Game Pass is committed to providing customers with as much material as possible, from new, day-one releases to vintage favorites. 

However, Xbox Game Pass games are also off the market every month like Netflix, with older material being cycled out and replaced by fresh releases.

This process is often predictable when titles are taken off of Xbox Game Pass. Usually, around the 15th of each month, Xbox Game Pass deletes a batch of titles, and another set is deleted on the final day of each month. The fact that four titles are scheduled to depart Xbox Game Pass on June 30, 2022, confirms that this trend will continue.

The four titles exiting Xbox Game Pass today are MotoGP 20, Last Stop, and Jurassic World Evolution. The titles departing Xbox Game Pass on June 30 aren’t all terrible news, but it’s always upsetting when games are removed from the subscription program.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass Today

  • FIFA 20
  • Jurassic World Evolution
  • Last Stop
  • MotoGP 20

For instance, even if FIFA 20 is one of the titles departing Xbox Game Pass in June 2022 and some fans may be sad, the FIFA series isn’t entirely removed from the program. 

Contrarily, FIFA 21 and FIFA 22, the latter of which was only just introduced to the Game Pass portfolio, are still available to Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE subscribers.

In a similar situation is Jurassic World Evolution. The good news is that Xbox Game Pass customers will continue to access Jurassic World Evolution 2 for the foreseeable future, even if the original Jurassic World Evolution will no longer be playable after June 30. 

Although there are no replacements for Last Stop and MotoGP 20, the recent arrivals of FIFA 22 and Jurassic World Evolution 2 should lessen the impact of those games departing Game Pass.

While they are still included in the Game Pass library, all these titles are available at a 20 percent discount for those who find it tough to part with them. 

Far Cry 5 will be general on Xbox Game Pass on July 1, and many additional games are planned to be on the service the following month, so customers should have even more titles to look forward to soon.