PlayStation Store Summer Sale Refreshes With New Offers

Summer means online shops are starting to run huge bargains with lower pricing on digital games for PC and consoles.

As a result, Sony has already begun the sale season with the PlayStation Summer Sale event, which is giving discounts of up to 75% off on a selection of independent and AAA-produced games.

Although the sale started on July 20, it seems that this was simply the first phase of the PlayStation Summer Sale, with an update to the list of games available coming shortly. In addition to making other games that weren’t in the original batch that PlayStation had previously reduced for buyers available, this will imply that other titles will exit the sale event.

On August 3, a new batch of titles and add-ons will be added to the discounted list, including Horizon Zero Dawn and its 2022 sequel Horizon Forbidden West.

While PlayStation hasn’t yet disclosed the actual costs for these and other games, the first round of the Summer Sale had reductions ranging from 25% to 75% off. Fans should keep an eye out for games like Hades or Blue Fire that are currently selling for less than their AAA equivalents since it’s probable that some of the featured independent titles will get the most significant reductions.

While additional titles will go on sale due to this refresh, some will come off sale and return to the total price on August 3.

This only means that in certain situations, such as the Kingdom Hearts series, the individual games won’t still be cheap come Wednesday.

However, the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package will still provide most of the series at a discounted price.

Interested players should move quickly before the PlayStation-exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo, which is presently on sale at a discount, is withdrawn from the Summer Sale.

With hundreds of games getting various discounts during the second half of the PlayStation Summer Sale, the complete list of games is extensive.

Every PlayStation enthusiast will probably discover at least one game on their wishlist that has been partially reduced since so many games are on sale.

Therefore, when the Summer Sale refreshes on Wednesday, gamers should watch when some of the top PlayStation titles go on sale.