Enable the New Bluetooth Menu in Windows, Quick Settings

Enable the New Bluetooth Menu: Microsoft released a build of Windows 11 called “Insider” last week.

 There is a new Bluetooth menu in the Windows 11 Dev Insider builds right now, and we’ve shown you how to make it show up. 

It was called “Build 22563.” The update added many new features, like a tablet-friendly taskbar and better Windows 11 widgets. 

While Microsoft made some crucial changes in this build, many people didn’t notice the new “Bluetooth quick settings” menu.

 When you switch between your paired devices, you no longer have to go into Settings to do it.

It’s possible to get a new Bluetooth Quick Settings Menu in Windows 11. (2022)

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Bluetooth Quick Settings Menu: What’s new in Windows 11 Bluetooth Quick Settings Menu?

Makes it easier to set up Bluetooth devices: The new Bluetooth menu in the quick settings panel of Windows 11 is easier to use. 

You don’t have to go into the Settings app anymore to connect, disconnect, or check the battery level of your Bluetooth devices. 

It’s just like how the Wi-Fi button works now.

There are two sections in the new Bluetooth Quick Settings menu: paired devices and unpaired devices.

 You can choose which one you want to use. You can only turn Bluetooth on or off in the quick settings panel. 

Now, this is a massive improvement over the way things are now.

Enable or Disable New Bluetooth Menu in Windows 11

1. A tool called ViveTool made by Twitter user Albacore is what you need to make the new Bluetooth menu show up in your quick settings right now. 

Windows 11 users can download the most up-to-date version of ViveTool from GitHub if they don’t have it already on their computer.

2. Next, right-click the ZIP file and choose “Extract All” from the context menu to extract the ViveTool files from the ZIP file.

3. When you’re done, click the “Browse” button to change where the files will be stored.

4. Choose Windows -> System32 as the destination from the file picker interface and click “Select Folder” to choose a folder.

5. It’s time to extract the ViveTool files. To do this, click “Extract.”

6: You’ve now set up ViveTool, and you can run ViveTool commands from the command line with admin permissions now. 

Type “cmd” in the search bar at the top. Then click “Run as administrator” on the right pane to open a new Command prompt window that is more powerful.

7. Windows 11 will start up again after running these command lines in the command prompt and then closing the window.

 After you restart, you will see the new Bluetooth menu.

8. Do these commands and restart your PC if you go back to the old Bluetooth menu.

Enable New Bluetooth Menu on Windows 11 Right Now

Windows 11 has a new Bluetooth menu that is easy to use. I no longer have to open the Settings to switch between Bluetooth devices because this app does it for me! Currently, it is only available to Insiders. 

We might see it in the next major version of Windows 11. You can also turn on the new window Alt+Tab switcher right now. 

The best-hidden features in Windows 11 should be checked out while you’re at it so that you can get the most out of it.