Twitter Facilitates users to recognize “Good Bots” With a New label.

Twitter has announced a new name for bots to recognize them as “good bots’ on its microblogging platform, making it easier for users to distinguish between automated and human-run Twitter handles.

 The feature will be available to the general public after testing for a select group of users earlier in the year.

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Twitter’s “Good Bots are Now Getting A Label

As of now, the person who creates robots (or automated accounts) on Twitter will now have the ability to add a new tag in the form of an icon for a robot next to “automated through”and the name of the account. 

The bio section of the account will give more details about the purpose of the account, and the status of their automated account will also be accessible to users.

The new label can also allow users to access additional information on an account and aid them in deciding whether or not to follow or interact with the report. This is another method bots build trust with users and be more transparent on social media platforms.

Suppose you don’t know which bots are good. In that case, they are the ones that offer helpful, informative, pertinent, and informative information to users, in contrast to bots that aren’t so good and end up sprinkling tweets with irrelevant data or unnatural links as well as Bitcoin addresses. 

Therefore, they don’t have any labels. Twitter lists a few excellent bot accounts from India that include:

  • @mumbaitraffic
  • @bloodreqbot
  • @CovidvaxBLR
  • @internfinder
  • @TheGermanBot

The feature is now accessible for automatic Twitter accounts. 

You may not find the “Automated” tag on all of them right now since developers will have to add it to their bots.

In other developments, Twitter has also launched a new Safety mode tested with select users worldwide. 

The feature allows users to block unwanted messages by blocking spammy and derogatory replies to tweets.

 What are your thoughts about the brand new bot label for Twitter?

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