Where to Find Shriveled Seed in Genshin Impact?

Shriveled Seed in Genshin Impact: We’ve got the information you need if you’re thinking about what you can do to obtain Genshin Impact’s Shriveled Seed within Genshin Impact and how to utilize it.

 Locate the location using the steps below. Then, you can find out more about the use of this item.

Where to Find Shriveled Seed in Genshin Impact (Location)

  • Go towards The Chasm Main Mining Area by opening the map and then teleporting to the place.
  • From there, walk to the south-east, ascend, and you will find a cave in which there are two large barrels in the beginning. The barrels will explode, and continue walking.
  • After the dialogue of Paimon regarding the new location, The aim will be to climb on the trunks of the tree. Use Elemental Sight and “Touch” the Leaves by pressing F on your keyboard.
  • After taking three leaves, It’s time to start activating your Totems.
  • Utilizing Electro, Geo, and Anemo attacks on the appropriate Totems can reveal the Exquisite Chest you need to open.
  • If you do this, you will receive the seed that is faded to Genshin Impact and complete the task. The result is that People from Genshin Impact are in the Valley of Life.

How to Use Shriveled Seed?

It is not available. There’s a clue that was thrown out by Paimon when she mentions she thinks it’s a reference to an old story from Sumeru. She also states that she’ll tell you the story in the future while you’re on the road.

The in-game item describes a “seemingly rotten” object’ that appears in everyday thinking and seems to be an earwig. But it has an astonishing amount of life, but it’s not yet. It is best not to eat it at this time. 

It’s possible that it’s possible to use this seed in future updates, so make sure to keep it safe until the time comes.