God Of War: How to Open The Gate?

Open The Gate: God of War is a game that is full of unexpected events. Although this is usually good for players, it could result in hard to deal with situations. 

Veithurgard is a good illustration of this. It’s an optional area within the game, accessible via Stone Falls. Lake of Nine near Stone Falls.

The entry point to the zone is just to the east of the lake by a massive lockable gate. 

Many players are confused about the best way to access Veithurgard from this point. 

So if you’re wondering this too, we’re here to show you how to unlock the gate of God of War.

How Do I Unlock The Gate In God Of War?

Veithurgard is not easy to locate initially. While it’s just to the east of the Shore of Nine, it is obscured by fog across the globe. Finally, however, players can gain ways to access Veithurgard close to Stone Falls. 

To access Veithurgard, users have to go towards the beach located north near Tyr’s bridge.

When on the beach, players need to take a break in the planks left and look to the vast gate locked. 

To open the gates, walk through the gate just behind the planks. The players will be confronted by some enemies they must defeat.

Once you have completed this step, use an axe to cut the disk and chain just to the right to the right of the gate. 

Go back through the entrance and find a chain right next to it. The chain is pulled to close the way you are in but then open the other. 

Jump across the lower bridge. Once you have crossed the bridge, players will see the wheel to their right. 

The wheel must be turned to open the gates for Veithurgard.

This is all you need to learn about opening the gates in God of War.