Sports Betting 101: Most Popular Sporting Events Where You Can Bet

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Sports betting is a highly lucrative industry in the world of gambling, so you are missing a lot if you are still not part of this type of game. According to data published on GlobeNewswire, the sports betting market was valued at $77 billion in 2021, and this is expected to reach a whopping $168 billion by 2029. Sports betting is the activity where bettors predict the results of sporting events, who wins, and more and place a wager on the outcome.

If those figures have inspired you to start betting on sports finally and the most significant sporting events out there, know that you do not have to make an effort when you want to begin. You can just connect to the Internet and find several credible websites where you can bet on sports. One of these websites is

Best 10 Sporting Events When You Can Place Your Bets And Win

Americans alone wage billions of dollars per year on betting on sporting events. And as more and more states legalize sports betting, the figures are projected to rise, especially since sports betting has become more accessible with the availability of mobile and online options. What are the best sporting events where you can place your bets? Let us find out.

1. World Cup

The World Cup is also about soccer, soccer, and more soccer. This sport is not prominent in the United States, but the World Cup is a sporting event that has got everybody tuned in. Over three billion people viewed its 2018 edition. According to FIFA, these viewers are not just watching. Still, they are also throwing down colossal money, with an estimated $136 billion wagered in the tournament and around $7.2 billion in the final match. The upcoming World Cup is later this year, 2022, where, for the first time, most Americans will be able to bet within legal boundaries.

2. Super Bowl 

The World Cup may not be America’s favorite sporting event, but they got the Super Bowl, regarded as the country’s biggest game, and garners the most bets annually. Hundreds of millions of people watch this sporting event each year; interestingly enough, this number continues to grow. Moreover, according to the American Gaming Association, almost $7 billion were bet during the 2020 edition of the Super Bowl, particularly in the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from this, there were also bets from the avid bettors, believe it or not, on the national anthem, the coin toss, the halftime show, and more.

3. Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby is all about horse racing. However, when you think of significant sporting events, admit it, horse racing would not be the first thing you would think of. Furthermore, many individuals tend to underestimate the size of the Kentucky Derby. Nevertheless, people across the globe would converge on Kentucky and bet their hard-earned money on the line to select a winner in these matches. It was reported that in 2019, more than $250 million were wagered on this sporting event, leaving many people at the edge of their seats.

4. March Madness

If it is the World Cup for the world of soccer, what does the world of college basketball have? Without a doubt, March Madness. This tournament lasts for about a month, comprising 67 games. According to the American Gaming Association, around 47 million American adults would wager $8.5 billion on the tournament. March Madness may not be as big, huge, and significant as the Super Bowl, but interestingly, it is listed as one of the most important sporting events for sports bettors.

5. Boxing 

In recent years, boxing events have missed the fights of famous boxers such as Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, and Manny Pacquiao. Still, this sporting event is garnering so much from bettors. In Nevada, for example, the sport saw over $100 million placed on wagers, the single most significant handle for an event in this state. In addition, various sportsbooks across the state saw single wagers of more than $1 million for one of the fighters.

6. The Grand National

Here is another horse racing event attracting several sports bettors, The Grand National. Transpiring in Great Britain, this event is attended by United Kingdom’s royalty and is known to be among the most challenging horse races worldwide. Many people in America are tuned in to the Kentucky Derby, but Americans do not forget The Grand National. The horse racing event The Grand National produced almost $400 million in wagered during its 2017 edition. It may not be the most famous horse racing event in the United States, but it certainly is significant for the betting public.

7. World Series

Baseball may be losing its luster and popularity amidst the presence of other major U.S. sports like the NFL and the NBA, but the World Series is still one of the country’s most-watched baseball events. It has also attracted attention, especially when Houston-based business owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale bet $11 million on the Astros in multiple states to protect himself against his furniture store promotion. Interesting, isn’t it? We got more sporting events popular for sports bettors, so stick around.

8. Rugby World Cup

In America, the Rugby World Cup may not be as famous as other sporting events, but around the world, this sporting event is one of the most-watched. In 2019, it was reported that this event produced more than 850 million worldwide viewers from Japan, the highest in the history of the tournament so far. We might not have the betting numbers, but that figure shows that much money is being wagered throughout this event.

9. NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are not just popular in the United States but, undoubtedly, across the globe. No wonder it is also one sporting event that produces the most bets. It is challenging to estimate the exact amount due to bets made at illegal offshore books. However, in Nevada alone, it is estimated that bettors would risk almost $10 million per age. With over 20 million people watching the NBA Finals, we can assume much money is also being placed on bets here.

10. Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is also among the most-viewed sporting events worldwide. In 2019, this event garnered an audience comprising 1.6 billion people, making this edition the most-watched in the history of the sporting event. Cricket is also one of the most renowned sports in India and other countries worldwide. Regarding the betting figures, in England, it has been reported that people bet 71 million pounds on the Indian Premier League final alone. With this, it was expected that any match between India, Australia, and England could bring in 50 million pounds of bets. We will never know what the exact figures are. But for sure, they are a very hefty amount.

Bet On Sports Today

Sports betting continues to get bigger and bigger, with no hints of slowing down. Over time, more states are legalizing retail and online sports betting, and with this, surely there will be more and more people and individuals who will bet on the world’s top sporting events. For now, should you want to get started betting on sports, we recommend you check out the safest sports betting sites, such as