How to Find the time spent on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass: Xbox Game Pass has quickly been acclaimed as the best bang on your gaming experience available. 

The variety of games available can satisfy even the harshest critics when you think about it the fact that there’s just plenty of time to play all the games available. 

If you’re looking to know the amount of time you’ve put into each game to justify the purchase, then follow this guide to find out how to monitor your playtime through Xbox Game Pass.

The ability to check your playtime on Xbox and Game Pass games is possible on PC by using either the Xbox site or through the Xbox Console Companion application on Windows.

 It is possible to go to this page on the Xbox site and then follow the steps listed below to download the Xbox Console Companion application and follow the exact steps.

How to Find the time spent in Xbox Game Pass

  1. Log in to Xbox. Xbox Website
  2. Click on the profile icon in the upper right
  3. Visit Xbox Profile
  4. Select Achievements
  5. Click on the game’s name to play.
  6. Tap on Achievements to play again
  7. Watch your Minutes of Played

You can check the time you play for each sport on the Xbox website or the Xbox Console Companion application.

 With the method you prefer, first, sign in to your account. Your avatar will appear at the top of the screen. 

Then, click on your Account Profile icon. From there, you can tap the Achievements tab and then select an option from your selection of games. 

Select the Achievements tab, and you’ll arrive at the information hub for fun.

You will be able to view the Gamerscore of your game, achievements, and minutes played in the game’s info hub of the game you’ve chosen. 

Additionally, you will be given a rank based on the hours played. Choose a person in the Friends list to verify their game time. 

Repeat this procedure for every match you’d like to test.

The majority of games keep track of your time spent, achievements, and your Gamerscore. 

Gamerscore is how you’ll be able to measure your overall progress.