How to Get Shield Bubble in Fortnite

Get Shield Bubble in Fortnite: Following the 20.30 update earlier this week, the Fortnite Shield Bubble was unvalued in-game, and you’re probably wondering how to obtain it or what it accomplishes. 

You’ve come to the right spot since we’ll cover all you need to know about this valuable new item in this tutorial.

How to Get Shield Bubble in Fortnite

From today, May 13, through 11:59 p.m. on May 16, may discover this new item in chests in Fortnite. This is the current ‘Trial Period’ for the protective Bubbles and Balloons before they go up in a Funding Stations head-to-head vote.

You must spend your Gold Bars at a Funding Station and vote for the Shield Bubble if you want it to be in the game forever. 

Until the season’s conclusion, whichever item is entirely financed first will add to the treasure pool.

When Does Voting Begin?

The voting between the Shield Bubble and the Balloons items will begin following the trial period on Funding Boards. 

Epic Games hasn’t stated a specific date as of this writing, but we expect it to happen after the next update (due on Tuesday, May 17) is release next week.

What is its purpose?

When one of these is destroy, a temporary dome create that is impervious to all types of harm, including explosives, Air Strike missiles, and regular gunfire.

Keep in mind that this will not remain indefinitely. But here’s a pro tip from me: employ a Shield Bubble to cover yourself from enemy fire, then use a Rift-to-Go to flee to safety without leaving the room.

 You’ll be far away and on your way to safety when the opponent shooting at you realizes you’ve rifted.

Each shield can absorb 400 points of damage before it is destroy, and you may stack up to two of them in your inventory at once.

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