How To Use Auto Navigation in Diablo Immortal

Use Auto Navigation in Diablo Immortal: Diablo Immortal has an essential feature called Auto Navigation. While it is technically possible to win the game without it, players will almost certainly get lost and choose inefficient pathways if they do. 

Given the sheer volume of everyday tasks and goals, this squandered time may quickly add up to hours per week.

However, employing Auto Navigation has proved to be a difficult chore. The box seems to vanish and reappear at random moments. 

It will display when players do not want it on the screen and then disappear when required. Here’s how to utilize pathing consistently in Diablo Immortal for optimum results.

Auto Navigating To A Quest

The majority of Auto Navigating will be done when doing tasks. Open the mission bar on the left side and press the job you want to do. 

The figure should either begin walking or create a gateway right away on the screen. This will lead them to a waypoint, from which the player should continue walking to their destination.

Some missions need the player to control the movement of the characters. If this is the case, Auto Navigation will be off, but yellow footprints will guide the player. 

The player will be knocked out of Auto Navigation by any movement or skill cast. One of the numerous minor errors made by players is interrupting this movement. 

Click the compass symbol in the middle of the screen to re-enable it to the right of the ‘Navigation Paused’ text.

Automatically Navigating To A Location On A Map

To navigate to a certain NPC or place on the map, press the icon, and a ‘Navigate’ button with a compass icon will appear. When you press this button, the character will begin sprinting. 

If the location is far enough away, the player will open a port to a waygate and take it, then start traveling automatically, like in missions.

Auto Navigation is a useful tool, but it cannot take the place of common sense. As the player runs, they are vulnerable to attacks. 

Some tasks require the adventurer to journey to the heart of the enemy territory, passing several objectives along the way. While running, keep an eye on the screen, particularly if you’re in a hazardous environment.