Valorant patch 4.03 Notes Improvements In Deathmatch

Valorant patch 4.03 Notes: Valorant latest patch, 4.03, brings long-awaited improvements in its deathmatch mode. It has reduced the spawn time, and altered awkward respawn locations. This should make the experience more enjoyable and less frustrating in the future. Performance improvements for CPU-bound gamers should result in a 15% increase in FPS.

Here’s the complete overview:

Changes in Agent


  • Brimstone ultimate effectively blocks gameplay visibility when active. You won’t see any enemies on the minimap if you use the maximum.
  • The foremost will not allow you to use abilities that require line-of-sight (flashes, Sova recon pulses),

Mode Updates


  • Relocated or removed from “dangerous” spawning locations in some cases
  • You can increase your chances of facing other players in an encounter by improving your spawn logic and placement.
  • Spawning logic will favor respawning sites further away than where you were defeated.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Warm-Up Phase did not correctly use spawn logic
  • Respawn Time Reduced to 3s >>> 1.5s

Social Updates

  • Updated AFK detection in the game to discourage players from exploiting game mode to farm EXP

Performance Updates

Global Invalidation

  • Global Invalidation can provide up to a 15% increase in baseline performance for CPU-bound players.
    • The CPU-bound players generally have mid-to-high spec machines.
    • These numbers are based upon data from PBE over two weekends (Jan. 22, 23, and Feb. 5, 6).
    • While we expect many players to benefit from these gains, your machine can perform differently.

Cosmetic updates

  • You can make changes to the tile used for displaying sprays in your Collections.
  • Some sprays were too close in color to the original tile, making them difficult to see before you use them in-game.

Game System Updates

  • Option to return to the most potent weapon
    • When you press the “Equip Last Used Items” key or auto-equip a weapon, you can return to your most powerful weapon.
    • Go to Settings >> Controls >> Equipment and select “Prioritize the Strongest Weapon” to toggle ON.
    • This patch was not included in the 4.02 release. Sorry!

Esports News

  • The follower of an observer is now able to projectile follow
  • To toggle Agent portrait on/off, use the Added observer Settings toggle



  • Fixed a bug that Chamber’s Headhunter or Tour de Force could not float away
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Viper to see inside Viper’s ultimate using specific line-ups without being affected by a nearsighted debuff
  • Fixed a bug that Viper’s ultimate wouldn’t expand through doors.


Fixed bug that prevented chat from focusing when you pressed enter in pre-game

Fixed an issue where right-clicking a player portrait did not open a context menu


  • Fixed an issue where performance stats were hidden from Spike viewers

Problems Known

  • When you switch into the free-cam mode, there is a brief flash. This is because the observer follows are watching.