Triangle Strategy: How to Acquire Bravery Medals

Acquire Bravery Medals: In the game Triangle Strategy, you will collect approximately 20 characters playable. 

Each will be a different class that grants the player a wide range of abilities or spells to utilize in battle. 

The players can also upgrade their classes with a complicated item to find, known as the Medal of Bravery.

What is a Medal of Bravery?

When players have completed the numerous problems that confront Serenoa and his crew, including some complicated ethical issues that could affect Serenoa’s beliefs and decisions in the future, They will earn the consumable item known as the Medal Bravery. 

They aren’t given out often when playing Triangle Strategy, and they’re the only item that will level the class of a character that can be played.

Class Levels in Triangle Strategy

Every character you gain in a story mission will start at the level of 1, which is called a recruit. 

This includes those in Serenoa’s Court to begin with, for example, Frederica Aesfrost, Roland Glenbrook, Benedict Pascal and Gleeda. 

They are the ones that emerge later during the narrative, like Rudolph or the ones who gain through story missions such as Ezana and Ezana, all start at level 2, which is known as Veteran. There are three levels.

  • Recruit
  • Veteran
  • Elite

Each level gives the players from Triangle Strategy an additional TP that lets them perform different special moves in combat. 

The newest recruits start with three TP at the start of the battle and get one more TP at the beginning of each turn. 

Veterans start with fourTP, and Elite units begin with five TP. They gain one at the start of each turn.

 The upgrade of a character’s class increases their stats, such as Strength, Defense and Luck.

  • To upgrade from Veteran to Recruit within The Triangle Strategy, the player must have at or above level 10and costs one Medal of Bravery.
  • To upgrade from a Veteran or Elite character, the individual has to be at or above level 20, and the upgrade costs just one Medal of Valor.

How to Get Medals of Bravery in Triangle Strategy

The players will earn these medals by completing chapters and battles within Triangle Strategy.

 They are awarded as rewards regularly at the end of chapters and Chapter Parts after wars have ended. 

Also, players can purchase these medals within the Triangle Strategy Encampment with the merchant. 

There isn’t any indication that there will be any way to mine these items; however, the game does give them out to players reasonably regularly.

 At the point that most players reach level 10, they will access a variety of them in the next chapter.