How to Get Free Brawl Stars Coins?

Are you a Brawl Stars fan looking for ways to make some free coins? Have you tried the Brawl Stars Coin Generator but without getting anything in return? If yes, this post is specially written to be your savior. Here, I will tell you the truth about the Brawl Stars Coin Generator. In addition to that, I will also tell you different ways to get some free Brawl Star Coins & Codes as a bonus.

How to get Free Brawl Stars Coins

Facts About Free Brawl Stars Coins Generator:

Brawl Stars is a popular online multiplayer 3v3 shooter game growing rapidly. It is developed and launched by Supercell, the company which owns Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Since the release, Brawl Stars has been hitting the skies at a tremendous speed. The credit goes to the cool concept of brawling using your brawlers in a team vs team brawl. You can shoot, punch or blow up your enemies to win the battle. And, as you progress, you can unlock new characters and upgrade the stats of your ‘Brawler. It is a freemium game, hence you can play it for free but to unlock premium features, you have to pay.

Not everyone can afford to spend money on Brawl Stars. So, people often go to search for the Brawl Stars coin generator. But, they end up empty-handed even after wasting hours of their invaluable time. Here, you’ll get to know everything about the Brawl Stars coins generator.

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Are the Brawl Stars Coins Generator Genuine?

After searching for the Brawl Stars coin generator for a long time, people often think about this question. The answer to this question is a big NO. All the Brawl Stars coins generator available on the internet claiming to generate free coins for you are fake and a scam. None of them is legit, and can actually generate even a single coin for you. In fact, nothing like a Brawl Stars coins generator exists. They are just there to steal your personal information like the email address, mobile number, etc. And, also want you to download apps or fill out surveys in the name of ‘Human Verification.’ The apps or the pages you visit that are related to these generators often contain adware and spyware. So, I’d strongly recommend that you never fall into their trap and never use any Brawl Stars coins generator.

Now you must be thinking that if there aren’t any Brawl Stars coin generator working then how you’d get rich on Brawlstars. There are many other ways to get free coins in Brawl Stars. You can use them to get coins in your Brawl Stars account.

How to Get Free Brawl Stars Coins?

Coins are the currency used to upgrade the characters in Brawl Stars. You can get coins in Brawl Stars by opening boxes or by purchasing coin-packs from the shop using gems or money. There are many direct and indirect ways through which you can get coins in Brawl Stars. I’ll list them all here so you no longer have to fall in the traps of Brawl Stars coins generator. If you are an experienced Brawl Stars player, you might already know about some of these. Still, there are others that may be new to you.

1. Play & Win More

The best way to get coins and other items on Brawl Stars is by playing more and winning more. Playing and winning will get your trophies and tokens that can be used to redeem other in-game items. So, the more you play, the more ways you’ll find to get more coins.

2. Open more Brawl Boxes

The simplest way to get coins is by opening Brawl boxes. Brawl Boxes are the supply boxes or loot boxes that contain in-game items like coins, gems, and other materials in Brawl Stars. The amount of coins you can get in a Brawl Box is totally random, and there are even chances that you won’t get coins in a certain box. So, in order to get more coins, you have to open more boxes. You can get Brawl boxes using the tokens or as Trophy road rewards.

3. Earn more Tokens and Star Tokens

Tokens will get you Brawl Boxes and Star Tokens will get you bigger boxes. Both of these can help to increase your coins count. So, you should always plan to earn more Tokens and Star Tokens by playing more games and completing more events.

4. Purchase Coins or Brawl Boxes using Gems

You can use the Gems you have to purchase coins or Brawl Boxes from the shop. Often the Brawl boxes will grant you a random number of Gems that you can use to buy skins, boxes, and coins.

5. Get more Star Player Awards

By getting more Star Player Awards, you’ll gain more Experience. The more experience you will get, the more your Experience level will increase. You will obtain Tokens for each Experience level. And, using the Tokens, you can get Brawl boxes that can give you Coins and Gems.

6. Win more Trophies

Trophies are used to rank up your Brawlers and unlock rewards on Trophy road. There are some rewards on Trophy road like Event Tickets which are useful to earn coins and other rewards by playing Ticket Events.

7. Use Money-Making apps

There are many money-making apps available on the internet. You can use these apps to earn some quick money to spend in Brawl Stars. You just have to complete the tasks that they assign to you like surveys, downloading apps, lucky spins, and games. Some examples of these are;

  1. Vindale Research
  2. LifePoints
  3. SurveyJunkie

8. Use Google Play Rewards

You can use the Google Opinion Rewards app to earn money in your Google Play Account. While doing this, also look for special offers provided for purchases in Brawl Stars. When you find a good deal, you can use the money from your Google Play account to get coins in Brawl Stars.

9. Get a Part-time Job

If you want to earn some quick bucks, you can look for a good part-time job. After earning enough money, you can easily spend it to buy coins and upgrade your characters in Brawl Stars.

10. Follow Brawl Stars related Threads on Reddit and other forums

You can follow the threads and posts related to Brawls Stars on Reddit and other forums to always stay updated about the new events, giveaways, contests, and other such ways that can get you coins in Brawl Stars. You can also join the Facebook Groups for the same purpose.

11. Participate in Giveaways & Contests

If you are lucky, you can participate in the giveaways organized by Content Creators, Streamers, Youtubers, and other Brawl Stars players to win skins, coins, and other items. You can also participate and win some contests to win coins and other exciting prizes.

12. Use Brawl Stars Content Creator Codes

You should always use the Brawl Stars Content Creator Codes when you are purchasing coins or other items from the shop. Using these codes, you can support the creators, so they can do more for the community. Supporting the creators will also motivate them to organize more giveaways and contests.

Here is a list of Some Content Creator Codes that you can use
  • Coach Cory – Cory
  • MOLT – Molt
  • Brawl Stats – Stats
  • Ash – AshBS
  • Lex – Brawl Stars – Lex
  • KairosTime Gaming – Kairos
  • ChiefAvalon – ChiefAvalon
  • BenTimm1 – BT1
  • Rey – Rey
  • Chief Pat – PAT
  • Wonderbrad – wonderbrad
  • Orange Juice Gaming – OJ
  • Alvaro845 – Alvaro845
  • Ricky Burnett – R3dknight
  • FullFrontage – FullFrontage
  • Nickatnyte – Nyte
  • Galadon Gaming – Galadon
  • Anikilo – anikilo
  • CWA Mobile Gaming – CWA
  • Gedikor – GEDI
  • RadicalRosh – Brawl Stars – RADICAL
  • BangSkot – bangskot

If you know about some more codes and want me to add it to this list, do tell me using the comment box.

That’s all for this post. Hope I helped you to get more coins in Brawl Stars without getting stuck with the Brawl Stars coins generator.