Free Steam Wallet Codes 2021: Generator & Giveaways

Do you love playing games on Steam for free? Don’t worry, we have you covered. In this guide, I will share a list of websites and applications to get free Steam Wallet codes. These codes will help you to buy games you like and items on Steam without spending money.

Earning cash from Steam’s wallet is quite easy. Most people who buy games and items on Steam with real cash do not know the methods that I will share in this guide. Earning money from Steam is as easy as completing short surveys or watching videos on the Internet. All you need is to have a PC with an Internet connection.

free steam wallet codes


About Steam

Steam is a content delivery system or software from where you can download and play premium PC games. It is the product of the gaming giant, Valve Corporation. Yes, the company responsible for making us addicted to several franchises of popular games such as Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead and Portal.

17 Ways to get Free Steam Wallet codes in 2021

  1. SurveyJunkie

By far, SurveyJunkie has always been the favorite platform that those who want to do some work for the Steam Wallet Codes. So, what you need to do is to simply sign up for SurveyJunkie and complete some tasks.

Some of the interesting tasks are like conducting surveys, watching videos, playing games and even reading emails to earn rewards. These can be real cash that you can transfer to your bank account or simply use them to get free Steam Wallet digital gift cards.

  1. LifePoints

LifePoints is one of most popular sites to Win Gift Cards and even Cash for Free. All you have to do is, Join LifePoints and complete the given tasks.

You can win gift cards from Amazon, eBay, Steam and a lot more. All for free.

We highly recommend LifePoints as it one of the easiest and most trusted online websites to get gift cards.

  1. SwagBucks

If you are not yet aware of what Swagbucks is, then you must be living a rock! It’s a joke, it’s a reward point website that has ruled the Internet for almost a decade. In fact, Swagbucks is the largest and most popular platform among GPT websites. Without a doubt, it can help you with Steam codes.

Swagbucks hosts several methods to earn “Swags” (the currency on the platform or reward points) that can be exchanged for free without human verification codes. These forms are usually like signing up for promotions, completing survey forms and some other fun ideas that I will describe in detail.

  1. Vindale Research

It is primarily aimed at users in the United Kingdom and Europe, but it has more than 40 million users worldwide. Therefore, you can get offers and main tasks to complete in exchange for what you already know: free Steam Wallet balance cards. All you need is to register in InboxPounds and get started. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a website based on online surveys that pay you to complete free surveys. It has over 8 million members and they have paid more than $ 17 million to their users so far.

You get paid for completing surveys and giving your opinion on different topics. You will get points in exchange for completing these surveys. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can convert them to Steam cash.

  1. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is another great application to earn quick money. It works almost in the same way as PrizeRebel but with additional features. You can receive payments to watch TV, answer surveys, download, and test applications and much more.

You will earn points in exchange for doing the activities mentioned above. Once you get enough points, you can change them to Steam codes.

  1. GiftHulk

GiftHulk is an excellent online application to earn quick money. You will be paid to watch videos, complete short tasks and even play games. In exchange for your actions, you will earn points called “Hulk Coins”. You can then redeem those hulk coins for gift cards.

Payment Details

Gifthulk allows you to obtain gift cards for the tasks you complete on the website. You can earn money in the form of PayPal cash, Walmart gift card, Amazon gift card, and Steam wallet card.

  1. MyPoints

Another notable source for getting free steam wallet codes is to register at It is a daily rewards program with which you must register. You can buy, negotiate, conduct surveys and even play games to get Steam gift cards.

Like any other rewards program, you must accumulate enough points to redeem your account gift cards. The best thing about is that you will complete offers of the most popular brands in different categories.

So, if you like fashion, you can earn points for Sephora, Etsy, and dozens of other brands are also available.

  1. eBonus pays in the form of coins and users can easily redeem those coins to earn quick money or gift cards of their choice.

You get paid to complete short tasks. Those tasks can be anything that you can do online which may include watching videos, watching the live stream and giving your opinions. They have got many positive comments all over the internet.

  1. Free Steam wallet codes on Sweep-stake / Giveaway sites

There is a fairly efficient method to do it, all you need to do to try Google searches and have some patience. For digital gifts such as game codes, free Steam cards or digital gift cards, location does not matter since most of these products can be given worldwide.

On the other hand, most of the active readers and moderators of the community in the Steam forums and even in the Reddit subs calls it a scam and we can see a lot of hate towards the giveaway websites.

  1. Browsing the internet for free Swags

It seems that Swagbucks wants to take over Google. In fact, they have their own Search Engine, Swag Search that does the same. What if! You can start using it to earn points that would give you between 4-5 and up to 100 Swags. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for free Steam Wallet codes.

Swagbucks will not pay you for each and every search as you have a daily limit for each user. A couple of things I found about Swags search is that it is a bit slow (no engine can match Google search), but it is quite useful. However, there are more ads than any other search engine.

  1. Using references and invitations

The best thing about earning points through the GPT websites is that most of them are compatible with the reference systems. You can quickly get your referral link after registering with Swagbucks and invite your friends and family through social networks to join Swagbucks to get free points.

Also, if you have a functioning Blog or an excellent YouTube channel, you can quickly obtain the free Steam Wallet Codes by writing an article about it. In addition, when any of your friends register through your link, you will get a total of 10% of what they earn for life in Swagbucks.

  1. AppNana download apps for free Steam wallet codes

AppNana is a free application-based platform that you can start using to get free Steam Wallet codes. It works on a similar idea, such as mCent, where you must download third-party applications from their sponsors to earn points.

After installing and using the applications for some time, AppNana will automatically reward you with points in your wallet. You can save and collect enough to redeem for free Steam Wallet Codes worth $ 10, $ 20 or more.

  1. Sale of several items on the Steam Marketplace

A large number of active users in Quora and Steam Community confirm that they sell several items in the Steam Market in exchange for free Steam Wallet codes or real money.

Although it is not as easy as it seems to sell something in the community market, it is still a way to increase your Steam Wallet balance. In fact, one of my friends states that he bought the NBA 2K17 game completely from money by selling items.

  1. Watch online videos for free Steam wallet codes

While you are busy working, eating or even watching some shows on Netflix, you can still manage to earn some Swag Points by watching videos in the background.

The payment of this is quite low (around 5-10 Swags) to watch each video, but, hey! Something is better than nothing. Swagbucks smartphone applications are exclusive for videos. Therefore, you can play third-party videos and get free Steam Wallet codes without a survey ultimately.

Free Steam wallet codes 2021

For your inconvenience, I am updating this section daily with 30 free steam codes. So hurry up, as they can be used by other users as soon as they are available on any website.

  • EZMV4-4D24B-56XGJ
  • 7GG89-M4BLY-X5BBF
  • JE9S5-R27V4-7FAHC
  • 2QM9A-7ZL94-4YXVK
  • BFT46-U9DHD-94TLF

Free Steam Wallet Codes Giveaway

And finally, the last option to get the free Steam Wallet Codes is through a Giveaway website. However, it is not the most reliable way and in fact, most of the scams related to free Steam money are made on these gift websites.

Therefore, here are some important points you can consider to find the appropriate giveaway for the free Steam Wallet Gift Cards. All you need to do is to use Google’s advanced search feature.

Start by searching for “Free Steam Wallet Code Giveaways” and you will find hundreds of different websites with giveaways but to find the real ones, you have to filter the searches. The first is to look out for all the newest giveaways (no more than 2-3 weeks old result). After all, you don’t want to end up in a 6-month-old giveaway, right?

Steam Code Generators 2021

There are hundreds of fake steam code generator sites on the Internet that claim to generate Steam Wallet codes and free gift certificates. In addition, they guarantee that there will be no trick, technical failure or trap and they will give you free codes because they are kind-hearted. These websites are completely a scam and manipulate desperate users to perform unusual tasks,  while the site magically generates free Steam gift card codes from nowhere. All right! You should not, under any circumstances, believe that such a website provides you with your free Steam Gift Card Generators or a guide on how to get free Steam money.

Last words

This game distribution platform has been available to players for more than ten years and is still a very preferred way to buy games, as it seems more accessible and convenient to use.

Therefore, these are all legal and working methods to obtain the free Steam Codes without a survey. Remember that there is no short path or any trick in which you save your time.