Dying Light 2 releases first free DLC themed about Peacekeepers

Dying Light 2: With Dying Light 2, Techland is now ready to roll out new content in the post-apocalyptic adventure parkour.

The team has announced that they will continue to support this game for at least five years, and the game will begin with the initial free DLC.

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The players who play Dying Light 2 will be receiving the free Authority Pack DLC, which is about the Peacekeeper faction.

The DLC includes an armour set and weapons that are based on law-keepers.

It differs from what you’ll see Survivors dressed in the games. The iconic blue-coloured riot gear is in line with their style, and you’ll be able to rock the tone even when you’re not with them.

The Authority Pack will also release in three parts, beginning with Chestpiece, Joggers, and Sneakers.

Then, Headgear, Bracers, and gloves will come in the second part.

In the final cut, players will obtain weapons that are threatening in the third portion.

There’s no release date scheduled for The Dying Light 2 DLC; however, it shouldn’t take long.

In the same way, we could get a similar release for the Survivors at some point in the future.