Let Me Solo Her Build and Stats in Elden Ring

Let Me Solo Her Build and Stats in Elden Ring: Let Me Solo (Klein Tsuboi) is quickly becoming an international sensation within the Elden Ring community due to his assistance in a summoner to eliminate Malenia, Blade of Miquella. 

The new patch has made Malenia infected; she will automatically heal whenever a player summons her to aid. In the meantime, until this bug is resolved (which was found by the Klein Tsuboi), Many players are trying to find the build stats of the game; let Me Solo Her in Elden Ring for a chance to beat Malenia. We’ll now examine the model which was created by the legendary himself.

“Let Me Solo” Her Build and Stats in Elden Ring

This is this: “Let Me Solo!” her build. Stats within Elden Ring:

  • Level – Level –
  • Right hand Uchigatana +25 (Katana)
  • Ash of War – Hoarfrost Stomp (on Uchigatana)
  • The left-hand Rivers of Blood +9 (Katana)
  • Consumables (Consumables) Flask of Crimson Tears +9
  • Magic – Terra Magica spell (not needed)
  • Helm Jar Jar (not required)
  • Status Effects”Let Me Solo Her includes active Status Effects in his most recent video.
  • Raises stamina recovery speed
  • It increases intelligence, mental clarity, and faith. It also increases arcane faith; however, it can cause more damage.
  • Baldachin’s Blessing
  • Repeated attacks increase attack power
  • Increases the potency of jars thrown

Sure, these status effects do not need to be used to fight Malenia. But they can change following your game style. We will demonstrate how to activate the Status Effects but starting these effects is your choice.

Let Me Solo Her Uchigatana Build

  • Increase up to +25 by using Smithing Stones
  • The default skill — Unsheathe
  • Passive Status Effect – Causes Bleed (Hemorrhage)
  • Ash of War Ash of War Hoarfrost Stomp (AoW)
  • Get Cold affinity
  • Find Hoarfrost Stomp Skill
  • Uses Rivers of Blood to create a power stance

Let Me Be the Solo of Let Me Solo Grow

  • Change into +9 by using Smithing Stones
  • The skill of Default Skills for Default Piler of Corpse Piler
  • Passive Status Effect – Causes Bleed (Hemorrhage)
  • Ash of War – Can’t be used

If you’ve not received these items during the game, don’t fret. We’ll assist you in collecting these items.

How do I Get Uchigatana (Location) in the Elden Ring

Here’s how you can find Uchigatana’s address on Elden Ring:

  • Samurai Class will begin with Uchigatana immediately.
  • To take other classes, you can go to Stormhill at Limgrave.
  • Visit “Deathtouched Catacombs”
  • There is a lever within
  • Engage with it
  • This will open the door to some of the spaces you walked through.
  • This Katana in one dead body within

How do I Get Rivers of Blood (Location) in the Elden Ring

Here’s how to access the Rivers of Blood location in Elden Ring:

  • Find this Katana before you beat The Fire Giant boss (Important)
  • Visit Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Visit the “Church of Repose’
  • Bloody Finger Okina will invade the world of
  • You can defeat the game and receive Rivers of Blood as a drop.

Let Me Take Her Build Status The Effects

Here are a few items need to make the Status Effects as close as possible to the “Let Me Solo Her” build as possible:

  • Green Turtle Talisman – Raises stamina recovery speed.
  • Marika’s Scarseal Talisman – Raises the mind, intelligence, and faith by +3 per each but increases the damage dealt by 10 percent.
  • Marika’s Soreseal Talisman – Raises the mind, intelligence, faith, arcane by +5 and increases damage by 15 percent.
  • Winged Sword insignia Talisman – Increases the strength of an attack by executing repeated attacks.
  • Millicent’s Prosthesis Talisman – Raises the strength of attacks with multiple attacks.
  • Jar Helm is a tool that Increases the potency of jars that have been thrown (not needed)
  • Baldachin’s Blessed – Reduces the Max HP by 5. However, you can use it to boost your poise and get rid of any debuff (not needed)