Send Your Live Location on Snapchat

Live Location on Snapchat: Snapchat’s tradition of introducing new features continues with the photo-sharing social media application, which has enabled users to share their current location with other users.

 This will allow a “buddy system” that will permit users to share their live place to ensure that other people and other users, Snapchat as family and friends, will be able to keep track of it.

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Live Location Sharing for Snapchat 

The live location sharing feature available on Snapchat is like WhatsApp’s live location feature and what the Find My app on iOS operates. 

The Snapchat feature lets you share your location with other users between 15 minutes to eight hours.

To combat privacy issues like stalking, Snapchat has added the ability to deactivate location sharing. 

Additionally, it’s only available to mutual friends and not available to everyone you add to Snapchat. 

It’s also evident this feature has been turned off by default. It would help if you turned it on manually before starting live-time sharing of your location.

Simply click on a Snapchat friend’s profile and locate the new Live Location feature to access the feature. 

You must enable it, choose the time frame, and then it’s completed. 

The live status of sharing your location will be displayed in the chat for the person chatting with you to monitor your place if they need to make sure you don’t go down the wrong road or return home safely after an evening of fun.

The latest Snapchat live-location sharing feature enhances Snapchat’s Snap Map feature that lets users find their phone’s location.

 Snap Map also allows users to select when they want to reveal their location to other users. 

However, this feature was restricted by an estimate of your area and could not refresh itself within the background.

This feature adds to the capability to change your username; it was recently made public on Snapchat.

Additionally, Snapchat has announced that it has joined forces with Its On Us, a non-profit organization to fight sexual harassment on campuses.