Pokemon GO Mountains of Power Event Detailed

Pokemon GO Mountains of Power Event: Niantic has revealed the details and the time of the beginning.

And end of the next episode of the Season of Heritage in Pokemon GO.

The holiday season is long go, Niantic is moving forward to the next chapter of its Season of Heritage campaign.

 According to the most recent blog post posted on the Pokemon Go website.

The following season is likely to focus upon the Steel and Rock types.

The tale to be during Season of Heritage is a story that follows. 

Season of Heritage has Team Mystic Leader Spark in the lead when the team entices him to think that the solution to unlocking the gate’s second mechanism is Steel and Rock Type Pokemon.

 The opening of the first mechanism brought players access to the Dragonspiral Descent event and the first appearance of Druddigon. 


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The new game-relate event is dubbing  The “Mountains of Power.

 “The “Mountains of Power” event will start on January 7th, 2016, beginning at 10 am local time, and close on January 13th, 2014 at 8 pm local time. 

The Pokemon that will appear more often during the event are Zubat, Geodude, Slugma, Barboach, Machop, and Nosepass.

 In addition, Rarer Pokemon such as Onix or Ferroseed will see increased spawn rates throughout the event.

 The shiny variants of the above Pokemon are also on display to lucky trainers.

Alongside the increased numbers of spawns available for the Pokemon mentioned below, there’ll also be other rewards throughout the tournament.

 Buddy Pokemon will gain hearts at a fraction of the distance.

This is an excellent option for trainers looking to reduce, the requirements for evolving Sylveon and any Pokemon which requires friendship to grow. 

Particular Time Research tasks will also be available by PokeStops throughout the tournament. Some of the Research Task Rewards will include Mawile and Beldum for prizes and the chance to collect their Shinyas.

 In addition, the Field Research Tasks will also include Alolan Geodude and Slugma and the opportunity of claiming their prizes.

In terms of Raids, Alolan Geodude, Beldum, Bronzor, Onix, and their shiny counterparts will be feature in raids with a 1-Star rating. 

Medicham, Absol, and its shiny Ursuring and Donphan will appear in 3-Star Raids. 

Heatran and the chance of finding its shiny are in 5-Star raids throughout the week leading up to the event.

 Mega-Aerodactyl also makes its appearance in the Mega-Raid eggs throughout the week.

The selections are suitable for the event’s theme, and more attention is paid to the listed .

Types for this event rather than those at the Druddigon event, which is not part of Zubat.

 Shiny Mawile, Absol, Beldum, and Nosepass are among the community’s favorite Shiny Mawile, Absol, and Nosepass are some of the most. 

Should the Druddigon incident be just a prelude to what’s to come, the next Pokemon could be reveale after this particular event.

Pokemon Go can be downloaded for Android as well as iOS devices.