Is Pakistan Banned PUBG?

Pakistan Banned PUBG: Games are a fantastic method to relieve stress. But sometimes, games can cause anxiety instead of helping reduce it. 

This has been a long-running issue of contention, with many advocating moderate play in video games. 

An incident in Pakistan can be a strong proof of this idea. 

In a tragic incident, the teen responsible for the shooting killed four family members in a fury. 

Pakistan police have since demanded the game ban since they believe it can lead to violent tendencies among players.

“This is not the first incident of its nature,” Investigator Imran Kishwar told reporters in the city’s eastern part of Lahore in Lahore, adding, “so we have decided to recommend a ban”. 

According to the police reports, the 18 Kishwar Ali became addicted to playing the sport and played for hours.

 He was reported to have been depressed after losing several times in the game.

 His mum then punished him for “excessive indulgence”. Dawn newspaper quotes an officer from the police saying that the kid “fired at his family thinking that they will also come back to life, as happened in the game”.

Is PUBG banned in Pakistan?

The game was previously restricted in Pakistan following complaints regarding the violence. 

But, PUBG is not banned from Pakistan as of yet. There was a massive protest following the incident; however, a ban will be applied to the game shortly. 

Pakistan isn’t the only country to have prohibited the sport at times in recent. 

It’s been banned in India due to concerns over data security breaches.

 The recent violent incident isn’t the first time this has happened.

 A petition was filed in the Lahore High Court to ban the battle royale game that is so popular in Pakistan.

The petitioner’s lawyer stated that “Inaction upon the part of state functionaries to ban PUBG despite happening of horrible incidents of killing is violative of Article 9 (right to life), 37 and 38-D of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, hence a ban needs to be imposed upon this game at the earliest without further delay to protect the lives of the young generation.”

The council also emphasized the adverse effects of excessive consumption of online games. 

“Known consequences of playing PUBG include eye strain and migraines, as well as frazzle and obesity, sleep issues and violence, among others. Mental health issues can be found, too, like withdrawal (irritability as well as sleep issues, anger, irritability), insomnia, depression and even abuse of drugs due to the disorder known as compulsive.”

In the wake of the controversy, there will likely be some form of movement taken. While the game isn’t restricted in Pakistan, PUBG might be reaching the end of its appeal in Pakistan.