“Break The Tail Seal” Genshin Impact Quest Guide.

“Break The Tail Seal” Genshin Impact Quest Guide: Genshin Impact has numerous quests to complete. However, most of the inquiry that’s everyone wondering what to do is known as ‘Break the tail seal.’

 If you’re struggling with completing this quest, do not worry about it, you can effortlessly complete it after reading through the following guide.

 Along with describing what you must do to complete your Break the Tail Seal quest in Genshin Impact, we will provide the exact location of where the quest is.

Without further delay, Let’s begin:

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Crack The Tail Seal Genshin Impact Guide

No matter what task you’re going to finish. Whatever quest you’re planning to spend in Genshin Impact. You need to be aware of their locations. 

Breaking The Tail Seal is no different. To begin your adventure, you’ll need to travel to the Southwest part of Watatsumi Island. 

We have highlighted where you are in the above image to make the task easier.

Once you have reached the designated location, once you have reached the place, you must start six stone columns with an Electrogranum. 

The reason players struggle to accomplish this is because two stone pillars are hidden within the bushes.

Once you’ve successfully reached the location, you’ll need to summon an Electrogranum before climbing the steps to get to the Shrine. 

When you summon it, you’ll need to activate all the stone pillars by pressing them simply.

 To do this quickly, We have highlighted the position of each stone pillar in the image below.

When you’ve completed activating all the stone pillars, you must defeat The Fatui Ambushers.

 Then, when you’ve overcome the Ambushers and have a good time, visit the Shine and get your reward.

It is all you need to know about the steps to finish your Break the Tail Seal quest in Genshin Impact.

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