Use Invincibility & Boss God Mode Glitch In Elden Ring

Boss God Mode Glitch In Elden Ring: Elden Ring players have recently discovered some glitches or two in the game. These glitches are the Invincibility as well as the Boss Mode Glitch. These glitches let you finish the game faster. 

We have the information you need for those who aren’t experienced with these glitches. 

This guide will show the steps you must take to utilize this glitch to your benefit.

How to Use Invincibility & Boss God Mode Glitch in Elden Ring?

Invincibility Glitch

The name implies that this glitch lets you almost be immortal in the game Elden Ring. To utilize it, you must first begin an entirely new game, choose your character and go towards the Chapel of Anticipation. After that, you’ll be confronted by The grafted Scion leader

Don’t fight back. You must let him take you down, and you must not fight back. When you lose the game, hit the Alt key and F4 button to end the game.

When you’ve closed the game, you’ll need to wait until it ends ultimately. And the game has stopped entirely, then restart it. Return to the same place as previously (Church of Expectation) by loading your saved. 

When you examine your health statistics, they’ll tell you that you’re not getting enough health. But, don’t be deterred and go back to the spot where you met the Grafted Scion leader. The next time, you’ll be able to combat the boss.

In the fight against this boss, you’ll notice that, despite his numerous attacks, you do not lose health. This indicates that the glitch is working, making you invincible. Continue to attack him until takedown him.

That’s all you have to be aware of the Invincibility Glitch found in Elden Ring.

Boss Mode Glitch for Mohg Lord of Blood

This glitch lets you skip the second stage of this boss battle. To utilize this Boss Mode glitch in Elden Ring for Mohg Lord of Blood, You must travel to the Warmaster’s Shack.

It is best to make it happen only at night. Suppose you get to the shack at night and are surrounded by the Bell Bearing Hunter. After defeating the monster, you will receive a Bone Peddler’s bell Bearing.

Once you have done this, you must head to Fort Haight for the recipe that will aid you in beating Mohg. Visit the lower part of the fort to locate the corpse’s remains.

Then, go toward The Church of Elleh to gather some feathers. When you arrive, you will have to take down the massive eagles perched at the top of the mountain. This will allow you to find essential feathers. 

We recommend using bows or a bow to take out these birds using a sword since it will notify them of your presence and permit them to flee. By killing them, you will get flight Pinions and the Four-Toed Foot of Fowl.

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Next, visit Liurnia of the Lakes and then head towards Rose Church. There, you must collect a substantial quantity from Bloodrose. After that, quickly, you can move towards Lost Grace. Lost Grace, and then return.

Once you have completed these steps, you can visit The Two Maidens and present them with the bell you gave earlier in this tutorial. In this way, you will be able to buy the thin Beast Bones. After that, make Blood Borne Arrow. Blood Borne Arrow.

Attach the new Blood Borne Arrows to your bow and shoot towards the boss from some distance; after inflicting some bleeding damage, Switch to poison arrows, which will cause more damage. This procedure will cause the Mohg, the Lord of Blood boss, to be frozen.

Once you’ve frozen, walk toward him. You can now repeatedly assault him, but do not expect a reaction from him. Do not shock him to ensure that he doesn’t freeze. Keep attacking until Mohg is exhausted and then dies.

There you go. The following is all you need to know about the Invincibility and the Boss Mode glitches for Elden Ring.